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Choose from homemade pastries and cakes, chocolates and freshly-baked bread at the Hilton Singapore hotel.

A Japanese style buffet that offers free flow of sakae and is available only on Saturday. It offers a wide range of dessert, sashimi and other snacks. A cost of $60 + is pretty reasonable. the good service was a bonus. Recommended for a wholehearted meal and for fans of jap cuisine.Spending: Approximately SGD 60
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27 Apr 2012 07:18:13
A Japanese style buffet that offers free flow of sakae and is available only on Saturday. It offers a wide range of dessert, sashimi and other snacks. A cost of $60 + is pretty reasonable. the good service was a bonus. Recommended for a wholehearted meal and for fans of jap cuisine.Spending: Approximately SGD 60
more italian snacks. this is a lime one. i preferred the orange one. it\'s an almond and sugar confection. forgot what it\'s called. not cheap either. everything at this deli starts from $3++ for a very small piece. they have an italian fruit bread for about $56 a small loaf. but other than the high prices, the quality is top notch. everything is top quality, very fresh, and very very good. tastes very authentic as well. cashier is a bit disorganised on certain days. generally it\'s alright if you go during non peak hours.
i love this bakery! you can\'t see or smell anything baking because it is baked at a different location the the selling point, but the goods are fantastic! the macarons are big and made to perfection. very french. i love the pistachio flavour! right sweetness and right texture. filling was right too! it is absolutely heaven. service was pretty bad and the lady actually dropped my bag of macarons, which is why there is a crack in the macaron. the cashier is also rather disorganised. but otherwise the produce is fantastic. although, some of their breads cost $60 a loaf!
After my friends made a bold claim that Checkers Deli @ Hilton Hotel serves the best cheesecake in Singapore, I had to go find out myself if that was the case. The perfect opportunity came this past Christmas as I brought my girlfriend to have high tea at this place to escape from the noise and jam packed crowds of Orchard Road.The cheesecakes looked extremely presentable and that whipped up our appetites. My girlfriend is not particularly fond of eating cheesecakes but she found the American cheesecake delightful. I personally found the American cheesecake too crumbly and not as smooth and creamy as I had expected it to be. However, this is still a top-notched cheesecake which was not too overpowering in taste.Since we made our cheesecake pilgrimage to this place. might as well try out other flavours! The oreo cheesecake is surprisingly more delicious than the American Cheesecake. The candy topping and oreo flakes provided a textured taste to this otherwise doubtful looking cheesecake. It is good to mention that this place was quite a pretty cosy place to have high tea at. We didn\'t order any drinks so we were provided ice water. The other patrons included chatty adults talking about personal affairs (yes we eavesdrop) and others who were sitting there, sipping tea and reading their books. Overall, I would say I can derive better utility, satisfaction and value for $ from Secret Recipe\'s award winning marble cheese cake. However, if you happen to pass by Checkers Deli, why not drop by and try out their wide selection of cheesecakes I myself will return another time to try out their blueberry cheesecake. Spending: Approximately SGD 12(Tea)
This place has the best macarons in Singapore! Although when I was there, they only had 3 flavours on sale! You can buy a box of 9 which has 9 different flavours in it, but if you buy individually, there\'s only 3 flavours to choose from. Each macaron costs $3.05. Seems like the cost is going up! However, these are also the biggest macarons in singapore next to Darcis\' macarons. Can\'t compare this to Darcis\' because it\'s like comparing red apples to green apples. They are both macarons but very different. the Texture is GREAT, and the filling is fantastic! It\'s a perfect macaron! I would say Darcis\' are perfect if they were made fresh in Singapore but actually Darcis\' macarons are imported fresh and not made here. The other cakes here are super expensive. A cheesecake that\'s not that big costs $74!!! And a double loaf od banana bread costs $37!!! The packaging for the macarons was a bit unthoughtful. The macarons were packed in so tightly that the onlyw ay to get them out was to rip the box. We tapped and jiggled and shooked the box but the macarons wouldn\'t come out. So we had to rip the box like animals! Best macarons despite the very bright colouring looking nuclear. The service is very polite and I am surprised they let me take as much photos as I wanted without problem! This is the ONLY place in Singapore where they are so proud of their produce that they have no hesitation letting you take all the photos you want! VERY WELL DONE!! Highly recommended!
My friend recommended Hilton\'s macarons to me and we decided to get one each when we went pass the hotel.The macarons are not cheap at $3 each but they look yummy and oh so pretty with the array of colors!The staff there was very friendly though she took a long time to serve us as she was on the phone with the customer before. She recommended the berry chocolate macaron but I decided to give the strawberry macaron a try. My friend tried Hazelnut macaron before and she said it was nice but sadly, it wasn\'t available on that day. The strawberry macaron is very thick and sweet but not too sweet and it can definitely beat the macarons from Canele. Towards the middle, there is a sweet strawberry filling. I will surely come back to try its other flavours again!Spending: Approximately SGD 3(Tea)
Surprisingly, Carrot Walnut ($8.85) is my favourite for the day as I’m never a fan of American-style carrot cakes. This was moist with plenty of grated carrot and chopped walnuts to make me happy. Cream cheese frosting was a tad sweet though.

I’m rarely impressed by chocolate cakes anymore but Hazelnut Royaltine ($8.85) is an exception. The ratio of crunchy hazelnut praline and biscuit to smooth chocolate sponge and mousse was well-balanced and flavour of dark chocolate was intense without being overwhelmingly sweet.

There’s supposedly coffee cream layering the Coffee Moka Finger ($6.95) but it was so subtle that I couldn’t detect it at all. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the good combination of almond sponge and crispy hazelnut praline.

For photos/reviews, feel free to drop by www.myfoodsirens.wordpress.com =)

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