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All over the world beer is enjoyed, and not only commercial brands. Many people believe that home-brewed beer is the best. Although, home-made beer can be very unappealing if the proper ingredients to make beer aren't used in making the actual beer.

It is very important to buy specific ingredients for the beer, and it is also very important to try not to substitute or compromise the recipe for the beer. This can result in bad-tasting beer or even a malfunction in the fermenting process. Using the proper ingredients to make beer is the best way to make a great-tasting beer that all your friends will be jealous of.

What are the right ingredients to make beer?

There ingredients to make beer aren't hard to find, but they are very specific. These ingredients include: malt extract, malt, adjuncts, hops, yeast, and water. These are the main ingredients used in creating a great-tasting home-brewed beer. First, malt extract is the basis for nearly all home-brewed beers. Malt extract is made from malted barley or malted wheat, and the malt extract provides the sugars that yeast needs to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Malt extract comes in can, dried form, and liquid form. They even come in varying colors to produce different kinds of beer, extra light, light, amber, or dark. Malt is another key ingredient in making beer. Beer can be made just from malt extracts, but most recipes do call for just plain malt. There are different malts that produce different kinds of beer such as pale ales, porters, and stouts.

Rice and corn are known as adjuncts. These adjuncts are used to create extra sugar in the beer without adding extra body or flavor. They are sometimes used in place of malts, but they tend to make a less-flavorful blend of beer. Hops are a kind of flower added to the beer. Hops, depending on what time they are added in the fermenting process, can add body, aroma, flavor, or balance to a beer. Another key ingredient in making beer is yeast. Yeast makes the beer by changing the sugars in the malt to alcohol and carbon dioxide. Without yeast, beer would be nothing.

There are two different classes of yeast used in beer, lagers and ales. Ales ferment towards the top of the fermenter so they produce more fruity aromas and flavors. Lagers ferment towards the bottom, so they tend to produce a bolder flavor unlike the fruity flavors of the ale. Beer yeast comes in two forms, dried, solid yeast or liquid yeast. Of course, possibly the most important ingredient in making beer, water. Water makes up 90-95 % of beer, and water can also dictate what flavor the beer will have. Boiling the water and changing the chemicals in it, will result in different beer flavors.

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