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As the holidays roll around again, it is often a struggle to find the perfect gift for at least one person on your list. You want to buy a gift that is original and unique, but not something that will wind up stored in the basement permanently. Or worse yet, be the gag gift at the office parties next Yankee Swap. So if you are struggling for a great idea, and you are lucky enough to be shopping for a beer enthusiast, here are some ideas that will surely be appreciated.

A Crazy Shirts beer shirt

Okay, so at first another beer shirt seems like a pretty unoriginal idea. One that would be best suited for your favorite college student to wear at the next beer party. But this small company from Hawaii has a wonderful new spin on the beer logo shirt. Not only does their wide selection of fun logos put beer on the shirt, there is beer in the shirt. These t-shirts are actually dyed in beer, which gives them a lovely pale amber color. They also offer shirts dyed in rum, wine, coffee, and many other unique sources of color. Add to these shirts a gift wrapping job that makes them look like a beer bottle, wine bottle, treasure chest, well you get the idea, and these shirts are sure to be a favorite grabbed out to wear every weekend.

Beer of the Month Clubs

If you are buying a gift for a beer lover, what could be a better gift than real beer? There are many clubs available that you can join right online. A selection of great tasting beer will arrive every month right to the doorstep of your beer enthusiast. Often the monthly selections are from microbreweries difficult to acquire across the entire country, and feature background information on the style of beer as well as the brewery that made it. Knowing another beer of the month shipment is on the way will have the recipient of this gift looking for the postman every month, and remembering what a thoughtful gift you gave each month as well.

Personalized pint glasses

Another great option is to give a gift that will make every beer they drink seem special by sending personalize pint glasses. There are many vendors online that offer painted or engraved glasses featuring customized logos, and of course the name of your grateful recipient. A great addition to the home bar, these glasses make any home seem like a real pub. To take this gift one step further, use your own design skills to create a custom logo that reflects some other favorite pastime like golfing, fishing, bird watching, or anything you know they love.

Make a beer basket

Gift baskets can be for ore than baby showers and toiletry kits. Why not put together a fun selection of everything a beer lover could want. Start with a few bottles of beer from a number of different breweries, many stores now sell mix and match packs of beer so you can select a number of styles. Then add some Bavarian style hard sourdough pretzels and other salty snacks. Throw in a pint glass or two to enjoy the beer in, and some coasters for under the glasses. Instead of the typical tissue or shredded paper packing, why not buy a couple of pub towels to pack around the items? And dont be afraid to get creative with the basket, options could include an ice bucket, small cooler, or small metal tub that can be used in the summer to chill some frosty beers for the back deck.

Glass etching kit

If the beer aficionado in your life also has a more artistic side, than why not give them the opportunity to show it off to others? There are many online stores that offer kits that will allow someone to etch their own glasses. Include with the gift a 4-pack if plain pint glasses, and before long the beer lover will be showing off their own creation every time a beer is served.

Michael Briggs is a beer fanatic and a frequent contributor to BreweryMall. You can find the original publication of this article at BreweryMall’s Holiday Gift Ideas

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