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The majority of coffee production in the regions of Ethiopia is from the wild coffee tree forests and from there has spread across the world. However, because of the necessary growing conditions, which require plenty of sunshine and rain, the coffee trees are only found in tropical or sub-tropical locations. There is a narrow strip of about 25 degrees both North and South of the equator where basically all of the coffee in the world is produced. It is incredible that so much product can be produced from such a small amount of eligible environment. Coffee actually is the second highest commodity in the world next to oil when measured in dollar value. This lucrative product does come from some of the world's under-developed and poor countries oddly enough.

Brazil is still the largest producer of coffee. Brazil produces about 28% of all the coffee. Colombia is next at about 16% followed by Indonesia with about 7%. Mexico trails with about 4%. Coffee trees have adapted to different environments but the best coffee still comes from the high altitudes.

Brazil has huge coffee farms that employ several hundred workers to look after care of the trees. Colombia because of its mountainous terrain and low economic conditions involves transport by either mule or Jeep. Hawaiian coffee producers use Mauna Loa volcano slopes to plant their coffee trees. The location is perfect for both sunlight and precipitation.

Indonesia is comprised of numerous islands and this is where coffee has grown since the 17th century when the Dutch colonists arrived. Indonesia is known to have the perfect climate for coffee although other countries definitely have higher forms of technology. The most farms are found on the islands of Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi.

The Mexico coffee farms are rather small farms in comparison to Brazil, but there are about 100,000 of them. The majority are found in the south around the Vercruz, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Mexico is also known for its Altura beans which are grown at the highest of altitudes. Vietnam has been gaining in coffee production rapidly and quickly approaching Indonesia's position. Although the country originally was farming Arabica beans, it known produces Robusta beans.

Africa is known for its dark and large coffee beans, although they are rather a small producer of coffee. In Kenya the beans are one of the largest in the world and therefore have resulted in the well known fruity taste. The Ivory Coast is known for its production of espresso blends. Regardless of where the coffee comes from, there are plenty of coffee drinkers around the world to enjoy each and every one. Each individual coffee lover most definitely has a favorite, however, finding a favorite can only come from trying many different kinds.

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