Selecting Coffee Roasters

For many individuals who love their coffee in the morning the routine is pretty predictable. Most individuals place the measured ground coffee in a brewing filter and place that filter in their coffee machine. Following this step the water is poured into the canister area and the automatic coffee maker is turned on. Often this process provides the coffee lover with a standard cup of coffee.

However, the freshness of that cup of coffee can be greatly enhanced by taking non-roasted coffee beans, roasting them in the comfort of your home, grinding those freshly roasted coffee beans to place in the coffee filter and then brewing the freshest cup of coffee possible. All this can be attained through the use of a coffee roaster.

If in the market for a coffee roaster there are a number of features that the coffee lover should look for. Some of those features include the ability to manage the level of roasting and the collection of chaff.

What Is A Coffee Roaster

A coffee roaster is a self-contained unit that roasts green coffee beans. These coffee beans are green because they are in their natural state and are unroasted. These coffee roasters roasting at the right temperature and over a period of time will brown the green coffee beans. Once these coffee beans have been roasted they are ready to be ground up and placed in the coffee maker to brew that pot of coffee.

The advantage of using a coffee roaster is that the coffee beans are ground fresh as well as roasted fresh.. Obviously this provides the coffee drinker the freshest cup of coffee possible.

Controlling The Level Of Roasting

When shopping for a coffee roaster one of the key features to look for is the roaster's ability to provide the different levels of roasting. This is generally provided by a combination of heating and timing that controls the intensity of the roasting process. Often a quality coffee roaster will provide the coffee drinker a range of roasted beans ranging from cinnamon to dark French.

This is an important feature to have built into the coffee roaster as there are differentiating tastes amongst coffee drinkers. This is because the lighter the coffee bean is roasted the more mild the coffee flavor is.

Collection Of Chaff

Another important feature to look for when in the market for a coffee roaster is a contained chaff collector. When the green coffee bean is roasted, the chaff or outer portion of the bean is expelled.

This paper like substance can be collected through certain chaff collectors found on certain coffee roasters. Generally, these receptacles are easy to use and clean.

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