Tips to Purchasing a Coffee Roaster

Coffee roasters come in many different shapes and sizes with prices ranging from thirty to even a thousand dollars. But, as with many products, the price tag does not always depict the quality. Besides finding a reliable brand, here are some tips to help you find a quality roaster.

The first step is to ask yourself how involved you want to be in the process. Some prefer to be actively involved and want to do the mixing, stirring, whirring and measuring themselves. Roasters of this kind vary, while simple stove top roasters are really just a sauce pan with a special handle and a tight lid.

This ?special handle? has a crank so the roaster can stir the beans which is important to prevent the beans from burning on the bottom and to keep the hot air circulating evenly.

Even with these simple models, be sure to find one that has a thermometer in the lid. Controlling the temperature is an important factor in successful roasting.

Then, there are more deluxe models that will do everything for you. Just put in pre-determined amount of beans, close the lid and let it roast for a few minutes. These models have built-in thermometers, air-flow control mechanisms, rotating canisters and an automatic timer to turn the machine off at the appropriate time.

Obviously, these deluxe models are at the higher end of the pricing scale and do, basically, everything except rid of the smoke that results from the roasting process.

You will also want to consider how effectively they circulate and heat the air. The common models work similar to a popcorn popper in that hot air is circulated throughout while the beans are agitated. This allows for an even, consistent roast. Some models will even filter out the chaff produced when the beans expand and crack.

Many models have a glass exterior that allows you to watch the process as it unfolds and judge the degree of roasting you desire. If you prefer to let the model judge this, though, they often have pre-determined times and amounts ranging from a dark to a light roast.

The roaster's ability to evenly circulate the air and heat is crucial to the process and models vary in regard to these capabilities. For instance, a roaster which only has a heating source at the bottom constricts air flow and results in an uneven roast.

Drum roasters can help overcome this problem as it provides a rotating drum that moves the beans around by gravity rather than by relying only on a stirrer at the bottom. Keep in mind, though, that many do not have winders allowing you to watch the roasting process. As should be expected, the greater amount of bean results in more smoke so be sure you have good ventilation available.

Roasters are no longer just a professional piece of equipment, as home models are now available and can even roast larger amounts. These can be very useful for social events or parties where only the freshest possible coffee will suffice!

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