Got Crock Pot?

e Glory of Slow Cooking

Give me convenience or give me death! In our blindingly fast paced society, this seems to be the mantra when it comes to eating and the health problems that results are hardly a surprise. Well, there is another way.

Crock-Pot is a term that is often synonymously used for slow cooking much the way Coke is for having a soda. In truth, the Crock-Pot is simply a product, not a style of cooking.

Ironically, the Crock-Pot wasn't first. Naxon Utilities was a company that created the first slow cooker. Rival Co purchased Naxon in the early 1970s and gave the slow cooker a new name. Of such simple steps are legends born.

Whether you call it a slow cooker or Crock-Pot, the process is the same. Instead of slamming a meal together, everything is done slowly. Ingredients are allows to cook for up to more than 10 hours to create a unique taste.

The key to the process has to do with heat distribution. The heat is not just applied from the bottom. Instead, the pot sits within a ceramic shell that has heaters on the bottom and sides giving it a more universal heat profile.

Ironically, this slow cooking technique ties into our daily lives pretty well. The cooker can be set with a timer and left to do its business. Throw the ingredients in before going to bed or early in the morning and the meal is ready 8 hours later.

Ah, but should you leave a cooking device on while not at home? No worries. A slow cooker cooks with very low heat. You can leave them on all day without worrying about fires. They also use very little electricity.

Most people think you can only cook soups or stews with the Crock-Pot. This is not the case. These handy devices come with accessories and recipes that let you make all kinds of things including even bread.

Fast food is not good, even if it doesn't come from a drive through. A slow cooker is an easy way to cook healthy food, so make sure you have one in your kitchen.

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