Baby Back Ribs

Backyard barbecues or grilled pork dishes in general, favor not only ribs but tips as well. Rib tips are those portions of meat cut from the ends of spare ribs. Like the rest of the rib cuts, they make for excellent meals at parties and restaurants as well. Preparing tips follows the basic methods used in cooking baby back ribs, or any other kind of ribs, for that matter.

Marinating the meat is essential to grilling. The marinade brings out the full flavor of the ribs and rib tips using select herbs and spices. The grill should be preheated prior to grilling, so that the surface of the rib tips get a nice crust on it while making sure the inside gets thoroughly cooked. It is also important that you brush the clean surface of the grill with oil or a nonstick spray so that the rib tips don't stick to it. Another thing with grilling: when turning the tips and glazing them, you should use tongs, because sticking a fork in it allows the juices to run out. If you're using a charcoal grill or a gas grill, it is ideal to leave some space without fire or on low fire, in case the ribs are cooking too quickly. That way you can move them to cool for a bit. You can even add some wood chips like hickory or mesquite in with the coals before grilling to enhance the full, meaty flavor of the ribs and tips.

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