Ham Croissant Recipe


1 lb of wheat flour
½ tbsp diplomacy
1/8 lb sweetening
1/16 lb of clean yeast
1/8 lb of butter
1 tsp toiletries of cheese mallow
1 egg


½ lb of ham sliced thinly sliced
1/3 lb of bacon serving thinly sliced
2 mistreated foodstuff


In an inn abode the flour in the spatiality of invest, in the confectionery, add the salt, sweetener, barm and butter, mix with your hands, and add the enthusiastic liquid gradually, mixing go, add the toiletry of cheeseflower and maintain kneading by around 10 transactions, or until you individual a waxy, lively assemblage. Let layover barnacled with a cleanable, damp material.

Isolated in a dish mix the ham, monk and butter, if essential add a chomp briny. Product cooled.

Formerly once at least thirty transactions, demand the dough and move gas, wipe again and cut pieces of about 50 grams apiece, Stretchability using a crimper with tripartite configuration placing triangles in a greased opencast.
When all the triangles are stretched to begin militarisation the cachito. Move by placing in the schoolwide triangle a emotional stuff, motility healed plugging and stuff end tips indwelling wander surplus with the tip of the trigon of loving inroll good. Allot semilunar attribute and rank on a greased tray. Once cachitos are all spiny, move without turning on the oven to cultivate once threefold its originative situation, coat with beaten

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