Caviar is graded by color and size, with the lightest and largest being the best and therefore the most expensive. United States and other countries also produce caviar from the roe of salmon, paddlefish, whitefish and wild sturgeon caviar. Each type of caviar has different standard and price. For many people, the presence of caviar lends the impression of class, elegance, and occasion to any event. Caviar has been found at tables across the globe and across the ages. Aristotle wrote of golden caviar being served on platters, garnished with flowers and heralded by trumpets upon its arrival. Caviar was prized by Persians for its supposed medicinal qualities. The delicate eggs of the sturgeon have been served at royal tables of England, France and Russia. Because of this rich history, and the decreasing sturgeon population caviar is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world.

A Gourmet meal may be described as a class cuisine, meal of high quality, and a special presentation. A Gourmet food industry can be described as high quality premium foods. Gourmet food stores offer an absolutely top of line caviar selection, featuring top quality sevruga and osetra caviars, and widest selection of Caspian and black sea caviars. When we are in mood to celebrate, presenting a caviar holiday gift will be delightful and luxurious. Many types of caviar gifts are present for all occasions and for all ages. There are Russian, Iranian, French, Japanese, Spanish, and American caviar that range in different tastes and styles which impress friends and relatives on various occasions like Christmas, New Year or on any other festivities. In gourmet stores, caviar is sold in fresh in jars or tins, sizes ranges from 1 oz jars or tins to 4 pound original containers.

Caviar is the staple for any precious occasion.

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