How To Clean Your Fish

People just love to pursue fishes while they get to spend quality time with friends and families. It has been the famous recreational activity since ancient times; not only a hobby, it is one of people s source of livelihood. One thing that keeps this sport easy and simple is because you don t need a lot of equipment or tools to fish. The fishing tackle is the primary fishing equipment that one needs to lure the fishes. It is used to seize your bait. There are tackles that looks more complicated than those you occasionally see but it is helpful to begin with a simple fishing tackle.

Now, you have earned your catch and what a good catch it is! You re ready to prepare a sumptuous meal for everyone or perhaps this is a role other family members get to play. There are proper procedures to do the handling and cleaning. A good fish for a meal is best when it is fresh so it should be alive before it is cleaned. How does one clean the fish properly?

Prepare the materials that you need for cleaning. The knife must be sharp and clean. The ice cooler must be ready for storage of cleaned fish. The entrails must be taken through the use of the knife s tip inserted into the vent. Careful cleaning must be done to prevent puncturing the intestine. As the knife is inserted, run it from the vent up to its belly straight to its head. Remove the head and rinse.

It is time to scale the fish. With the use of a scaler or a huge sized spoon, move it from the tail to its head to scrape off the scales. It is pretty easy once you get to this part. Before doing this procedure, make sure that the surface where the fish is on is flat for easy handling. Fish can be cooked even when unscaled especially for small fishes but when you eat them, that is when you remove the scales.

If you want to take off the fatty layer, skin the fish. This also enhances its taste. A plier is the correct tool to un skin the fish. Once a slit has been made on its skin just below the head, pull the pliers from head down to its tail. Make sure that one hand is holding the head while the other is on its body. Fracture the backbone at its head, pull and the head should be removed from the body. Wash the fish.

The three procedures above are basic and simple steps that you could follow to clean your catch prior to cooking them. It is best to follow them carefully so that your fish looks delicious and palatable making them clean and tasty. This time, surely, you d learn these easy to follow steps and cleaning the fishes won t be difficult as it sounds. The next time you go fishing don t forget to bring not only your fishing equipment but also your cleaning and cooking tools. Way to go fishing!

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