Know Your Fish?

Enjoy fishing? Here is some information on popular fish, both fresh and saltwater.


1. Trout: A most delicious fish. Remember however, apply the catch and release rule part of the time. Trout are the top predator in their environment and therefore it is important to leave some of these fish behind. Varieties: Brown, rainbow, brook and lake.

2. Bass: This fish is the most popular game fish in America. American bass belong to the sunfish family and fishing for them is a truly exciting experience. Varieties: Largemouth, smallmouth, and white.

3. Walleye: It's been said this fish is the tastiest of all and I agree! They hang around in schools and are often located near a drop-off. Fishing for walleye is challenging but not at all impossible. Cousin: Perch.

4. Pike: Fishing for pike, also known as northern is tricky and a somewhat dangerous business. They have very sharp teeth and a surly attitude. These fish prefer the weedy shallows and you can't rush them. They wait in ambush for their food and are usually not in any hurry to strike. The meat is good but quite bony. Cousins: Muskellunge and pickerel.

5. Panfish: These fish are fun and usually easy to catch. Dining on them is very enjoyable. They are often pretty small and hungry so will go after almost anything on a hook. Varieties: Bluegill, white crappie, black crappie, sunfish.


1. Bluefish: These guys are strong fighters but you can catch them fairly easily. If you enjoy a good fight try hooking one of these fish. They are especially yummy when eaten fresh.

2. Flounder: Another fun fish to catch and delicious to eat. This fish is a good early season catch. All you need to be successful is a small boat and a fish-finding device. Varieties: Fluke and flounder.

3. Striped bass: Here is a real challenge for the fisherperson. These fish can be picky about what they will strike on and when. Try using bait fish such as the bunker or herring. Plugs and spoons work well or a fly-rod.

4. Redfish: AKA : Channel bass or red drum, can be fished from New Jersey to Houston. They like shallow water and are fighters. The redfish expects the fly to land within two inches of his nose and if not it will likely ignore the rest of your casts.

5. Cod: A very important commercial fish, the cod can be caught in cold months. You'll need a heavy line because these big boys often weigh more than 30 pounds! They can be eaten fresh or salted and dried.

Next time you head out for a day of fishing maybe one of these fish will end up on your line and in your net!

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