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A lot of steak houses offer the best tasting steaks for your desire. Ruth’s Chris and Alfred’s are one of the pioneers in the providing the best steaks in town.

A steak house is a restaurant which specializes in serving beef steaks. These restaurants are common in European countries and in the United States. A usual combination of a steak dinner includes rice, beans, and potato dish. Sometimes it comes with vegetables, mushrooms, and onion rings.

Steaks are slices of meat which are usually beef. In order to attain tenderness of the meat, it is usually chopped vertically to the fibers of the muscle. It is a common practice that steaks are served grilled. There are many types of steaks available. The most ideal part for steak is the tenderest part of the animal. Because of the qualities of steaks, it has higher price compared to ordinary meat. The most expensive among the steaks is the T-bone steak because of the large portion of meat served to an individual. This is the tenderloin part attached with a T-shaped bone.

Cooking a steak for a shorter time will produce juicier tastes while a longer cooking time will result in a drier and harder meat. However, longer time reduces the cholesterol content of the steaks and is beneficial to health. Let’s get to know several of the most famous steak houses.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House
This steak house is one of the most popular and the finest in the United States as well as other countries. Because of its success, it was able to establish 114 steak houses internationally. It is considered as one of the largest luxury steak houses beating other steak houses in terms of profit and operation. With Ruth’s Chris’ plentiful endorsements from famous personalities, it had become the talk of the town. In fact, the Travolta Family Entertainment awarded the restaurant the 2006-2007 Golden Icon Award as the Best Steak House Chain.

Ruth’s Chris is known for its signature of keeping the best quality by serving only USDA prime steaks to its valued customers. In addition, the restaurant also serves fish, lamb, shellfish, and chicken. All of its branches have smaller rooms intended for private dining. An online reservation is also available for convenience. A dress code which is either business or casual is maintained.

Best Steak House
This steak house has been around since 1964 and has been serving high standard steaks in the Midtown Street Louis. Their specialties include steaks, chicken, pork chops, and burgers. They also serve other dishes like fish, shrimp, salad, and baked potatoes. Best Steak House also offers catering services for any event.

Edward’s Steak House
This steak house is located at Historic Downtown Jersey City and delivers the best steaks in New York. The restaurant provides elegant and cozy atmosphere while serving the most delicious dishes to its customers. Edward’s features specific places for private dining. Customers can also request specific menus for any occasion from their executive chef. The best wines are also served for wine lovers.

Besh Steak
Besh Steak comes with a spacious area that can accommodate 150 customers. It is located in New Orleans and is right in the middle of blue water like crystal puddles with splendid amber bar. The place is finely decorated with George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog artwork. The interior of the steak house is a combination of a traditional steak house and New Orleans influence. The restaurant presents wine from the finest wineries in France and California.

Alfred’s Steakhouse
This steak house was started by Alfred Bacchini in Broadway Street in 1928. He was the folks’ most favorite waiter in San Francisco. Alfred then decided to open a steak house. The restaurant he established soon turned out to be very popular. Politicians and other well-known personalities became its regular customers.

Alfred’s Steakhouse was then purchased by Arti Petri and his son Al in 1973. During the whole period, father and son worked hard for the business. They have kept up with the customary qualities that have made the restaurant well respected.

In 1997, Alfred’s Steakhouse was moved to Merchant Street. After five months of reconstructing the new place, Alfred’s was reopened to the public. The restaurant offers the tenderest and juiciest steaks in the area. The good flavor is achieved because Alfred’s uses only corn fed beef with the right content of marbling. Through all the years of operation, Alfred’s proved its distinction when it comes to steaks.

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