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If you've lost the recipe book that came with your bread machine or if you bought - or were given - an old model you may want to find its replacement. But, it may not be as easy as you think. Here are some ideas on where to start looking.

It's always a good idea to have the recipe book that came with the bread machine. Many come with great recipes that have been designed for that particular model. Also, if you decide to sell your bread maker later on, having the original recipe book will make it more salable to potential buyers. If you don't know where to look, or if you're having trouble finding its replacement, try out these search ideas.

First thing to do is to contact the manufacturer; don't bother with the seller, at worst they won't help you at all and at best they'll just refer you to the manufacturer. Most can be found on the internet quite easily; just get on Google and search for the manufacturer's name followed by 'bread machine'. You'll find that a lot have printable versions of the user guides - Cuisinart and Zojirushi being two. If they don't they'll provide a phone number or an email address.

This is fine but, if your bread machine is an older model that is no longer in production, chances are, the company won't be able to send you a replacement recipe book - some manufacturers won't even be able to provide you with a replacement even if the model is still in production. So, what next?

The next step is to try and locate a bread machine book online: type in the name of your model followed by 'recipe book' on your favorite search engine. Follow the links and see if there are any sites that can offer advice and locating one. Beware of sites that offer to sell you one; they usually charge extortionate prices and it may not be the genuine article - if you look hard enough you can find someone who'll help you out for free.

If that doesn't help, go back online and search for bread machine or baking forums. These are great places to get information and advice. Don't be shy, join up and post a message on the message board. The members of these forums are just regular folks just like you, all with an interest or passion for baking home made bread.

Tell them your problem, chances are someone there will have a model like yours and will reply to your question. They'll probably help you out by offering to photocopy the manual; if they don't then ask them - most are good folks who want to help out a fellow home baker.

The internet isn't all good, but getting information is its biggest strength. If you search long enough you'll find that bread machine recipe book for your particular model; and, even if you don't you'll get to correspond with like minded individuals - people who appreciate delicious and healthy home baked bread.

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