How To Make The Perfect Sandwich

You're hungry, you're at home and you don't have much food in the house. You can't be bothered to cook and you want something that you can eat immediately. You need something more substantial than a biscuit or a mango, so what do you reach for? No, not the cereal, you need one of life's most celebrated foodstuffs - the almighty sandwich. But what makes a good sandwich?

Believe it or not different people enjoy different kinds of sandwiches and what appeals to one person will disgust someone else. I am going to make some suggestions for sandwiches that you can make in a hurry to sate that ever-growing cavernous appetite.

The first thing you'll need to include in a good sandwich is bread. Sandwich without bread is just some food, which as we all know is not a sandwich. When choosing your bread you have a black and white choice, brown or white? For me nothing can beat thickly sliced quality white bread. The best kind has a fluffy middle and tougher crusts, perfect for keeping the contents of the sandwich in check while allowing the taste sensation to flourish. Another good choice might be a quality French baguette.

Once you've chosen your bread you need the next bit, the margarine. Margarine is actually better than butter because when you try to spread butter it is too cold and you end up ripping the bread. This makes holes in your sandwich and could lead to some awkward social situations. So choose some good margarine, the heart-lubricating glue of the sandwich.

For speed when making a sandwich I usually just choose a spread, put some on and then start eating. Marmite is pretty good. The trick with Marmite is to not put too much on as then it tastes foul. If you're slightly thirsty you can combine marmite with some sliced cucumber to add some moistness to the sandwich.

For a sandwich fit for a king try adding a slice of cheese to your Marmite and cucumber. It doesn't take long to make but tastes great. Another good spread is peanut butter. It doesn't have as many complementary ingredients so make sure you have a glass of water handy to wash it down.

Meat based sandwiches are also pretty good. Try some ham or bacon for the best effects. With a bacon sandwich you're going hot so add some tomato ketchup for a really good meal. Some people will try to add mayonnaise to your sandwich, you must avoid this at all costs. I've never had a good sandwich that had mayonnaise in it, and I doubt you will either.

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