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Super foods are defined as food items that can ward off diseases like cancer, heart ailments, cholesterol, and a whole list of others. These foods have high phytonutrient content that can only be good for your health. Any food containing significant amounts of vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibers, minerals, and enzymes can be regarded as a super food.

Among the most common foods that made it to the famed list of super foods are blueberries, bee pollen, aloe vera, salmon, spinach, oats, walnut, apples, and yogurt. There a lot of other fruits, vegetables, and natural food items that made it to the list. Enumerating them all can be very lengthy.

But what's more interesting to note is the fact that cocoa beans are deemed to be included in it anytime in the future. Pure organic cocoa bean is definitely the next super food. However, cocoa beans cannot be eaten raw. They have to be duly processed and added as an ingredient to food before they can be administered to the body. The most common end products of cocoa beans are chocolates and chocolate beverages.

Yes, chocolates can be good for you too. While chocolates are always referred to as the sugary food that can make you fat and unhealthy, there's a certain chocolate variant that can keep you in the pink of health at all times – dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate is one of the superstars when it comes to the food items being hailed as the next super foods. Dark chocolate are made out of pure cocoa beans with minimal to no sugar added. Cocoa beans are very rich in antioxidants. As such, a bar of dark chocolate can provide your body with a good level of protection against free radicals.

Furthermore, dark chocolates made from choice cocoa beans contain micronutrients that can help lower down blood pressure and keep the heart healthy. However, you should not go overboard eating dark chocolates. While it is good for the body, consuming too much may lead to certain undesirable effects.

A small bar or a chunk of dark chocolate should be sufficient to do wonders to your health. All super foods have to eaten in the right amounts in order to reap its goodness. This is especially true with chocolates because it could contain high amounts of calories in every bar. This is why you should eat them in moderation.

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which are a type of antioxidant also found in teas. Flavonoids can keep the arteries of the heart from clogging. However, it is the cocoa that is really doing wonders for your body and not the dark chocolate as a whole. Therefore, if you are going to buy such an item from the store, make sure that you read the label first. Look for the brand that contains more cocoa solids inside the pack. You might also want to buy the one that contains walnuts. Walnuts are yet another super food items that you want to feed your body with.

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