How To Throw A Fondue Party

How many times have you thrown a dinner party and didn't even get to talk to your guests because you were too busy with the dinner part of the party? Even serving appetizers can become a burden to coordinate different cooking times and to keep an eye on what food you're running out of and what people are avoiding. A better scenario would be to have a party where you could do all the prep before hand and then sit and enjoy your company. That better scenario is a fondue party.

Of course Fondue parties are back in style. What better way to spend an evening with friends that with some wine and cheese. But don't stop at just cheese fondue. Be sure to try hot oil, broth or desert fondues too. There's no running back and forth to the kitchen or worrying about cooking times. And cooking fondue is a breeze. If you can grate cheese and measure some ingredients (which can be done before your guests arrive) and can toss it all in a pot then you qualify as a fondue chef. If you're interesting in throwing a fondue party then this guide is for you.

The number of guests will determine the amount of ingredients and the number of fondue pots you'll need. Usually six people would be the max to share a fondue pot. But if you keep the people/fondue pot ratio at 4:1 the evening will be more enjoyable. An electric fondue pot is the easiest way to go. Just dial in a temperature and you're set. Just make sure the power cords are out of the way or even better would be to use a new fondue pot with a magnetic break away cord. This way if anyone trips over the cord they won't wind up wearing your fondue party.

Start your menu with the classic fondues, cheese, hot oil and chocolate. If the night is a success, then branch out and try something less traditional next time like Mongolian Hot Pot, Hawaiian Pork Fondue and finish it off with S'mores Fondue.

For your drinking pleasure have hot tea or the wine that you made the fondue with. Less traditional choices would be Merlot or even cold drinks. The fear of the cheese hardening in your stomach after mixing fondue with cold drinks is just a myth. Be sure to tell all your guests who drink cold drinks about the pain of passing a ball of cheese before you mention that it's a myth.

If you're really adventurous, then turn your fondue party into a 70ies theme party complete with bell bottom jeans, polyester and the Best of the Bee Gees playing on your 8 track.

Fondue parties are laid back and casual. Don't rush through your meal. Enjoying the food, the drink and the company without a lot of hard work is the whole idea and it's why fondue parties are back in style.

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