How to Choose a Chocolate Pecan Pie

While enjoying a delicious chocolate pecan pie is easy, choosing the right one can be a bit of a challenge. You don’t want to sacrifice anything when you pick a chocolate pecan pie to serve to your family, your guests, or to that special someone. Below are some strategies that will help you master the technique.

Buy from a Trusted Name in Chocolate Pecan Pie

Most people choose to purchase their chocolate pecan pie because it is simply more convenient and results in a better tasting product. However, you don’t want to just run to the local supermarket and buy one off the shelves. For one, you might be disappointed: most local stores don’t make chocolate pecan pie.

An even better reason is that you want to ensure that your chocolate pecan pie is being made by people who know what they are doing. That means they should have a long history in pies and, especially, in pecans. For example, the Tanners Pecans & Candies has been selling pecans since 1940.

High Quality Pecans Only

Part of the excellent flavor in a chocolate pecan pie comes from the nuts. If they don’t taste good, the rest of the pie isn’t going to taste good. That’s just common sense.

To ensure good taste, you want to purchase only a chocolate pecan pie that is made with the highest quality nuts available. It’s also a good idea to look for companies which know a little bit about the nuts they purchase. One of the best examples is the Tanners Pecans & Candies which only uses top grade pecans in all of their products, including their chocolate pecan pie.

Additionally, the company only purchases pecans grown in the South where the company is based and where chocolate pecan pie got its start.

Home Grown Goodness

Chocolate pecan pie was never meant to be mass manufactured. It’s a southern comfort food and that means it should be created for you by people who know what that means. Most of the local bakeries that do manufacture these pies don’t. They use cheap products and end up with a cheap tasting pie that lacks the goodness and charm of the real thing.

Tanners Pecans & Candies is based in Alabama. It’s a small, family run business where people understand the importance of using the best ingredients to produce the best in southern comfort foods. Of course, that might mean you have to wait a little longer but the waiting will be well worth the tasty reward.

Buying Your Chocolate Pecan Pie

When you decide you want a chocolate pecan pie, you don’t want to buy one from your supermarket. Instead, buy one from a company like Tanner’s which understands not only pecans but also the magic of southern food at its finest. And if you’ve never tasted this treat before there’s no time like the present to realize why they are some of the finest pies in the world.

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