Cocoa Butter

Over half of the cured, dried pods

weight is mad up of fat, this

total fluctuates with the

different varieties and the

growing conditions. This fat is

called cacao butter or cocoa

butter, what is left are the

solids that are called cocoa.

Because of its many uses, cocoa

butter is a highly valuable

commodity; it is used for making

chocolate but is also used in

cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Cocoa butter has the added

qualities of a melting point that

is slightly lower than the human

body temperature and takes a very

long time to go bad.

The intentions of the manufacturer

have a great deal to do with the

quality of chocolate, if the goal

is fine chocolate, it will contain

up to 70 percent cacao solids. In

addition, other quality chocolate

that is being processed will be

added to it. Otherwise what is

provided is what is called junk

chocolate which contains about 15

% cacao solids.

Cookbooks in the 18th and 19th

centuries warned us of additions

made to chocolate to replace the

cacao solids, these included brick

dust and red lead. Cheaper sweet

almond oil, lard and even marrow

were used as substitutions for the

cocoa butter, while the quality

cocoa butter was sold elsewhere.

We can be assured that there is no

brick dust or red lead in the

chocolate we buy today!

Along with the fat the cacao bean

contains protein and starch, but

the percentage of these are less

than 10 percent by weight.

White chocolate is made out of

cacao butter only and has no cacao

solids, in the United States it

had to go by the name "white

confectionary coating" because it

did not meet the requirements for

being chocolate. White chocolate

does not have the shelf life of

dark chocolate, and it also tends

to pick up flavors from things it

is stored around.

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