What is the Most Expensive Chocolate?

There’s a huge variety of chocolate in the world, from the humble Hershey’s bar to high end, exotic chocolaty delights made by experienced chocolatiers. To many people, the colorfully wrapped chocolate bars you see in most stores aren’t worth bothering with - they have a low cocoa content, and sometimes they aren’t even legally called chocolate. That’s what’s going on if you see a candy bar described as a “chocolate confection” or covered in a “chocolatey coating”. There’s chocolate in there, but not much. Who really wants chocolate that is not chocolate? Not me that is for sure.

For those who believe that life’s too short to eat cheap chocolate, there’s a wide variety of high end products available. Unlike ordinary candy, they don’t use inexpensive ingredients made for maximum shelf life. They’re going for taste and quality, and using the best ingredients they can find.

However, that results in a very expensive product. High end chocolate can go for more than seventy-five dollars a pound - in some cases a lot more. Here are the most expensive chocolates the world has to offer. If you have the money you will not be sorry for treating yourself to real chocolate like these.

Chocopologie - Made by Knipschildy Chocolatier, founded in 1999, this incredibly expensive chocolate costs around two thousand, six hundred dollars per pound. A single dark chocolate truffle costs two hundred fifty dollars, and has a real black French truffle - the mushroom - inside.

They’re available only be pre-order, and are made entirely of Valrhona cacao - seventy percent per bar. This is blended into a ganache using real truffle oil, then the truffle itself is hand rolled, with the dark French truffle inside, and dusted with high quality cocoa powder.

Noka Vintages Collection - At more than eight hundred fifty dollars per pound, Noka chocolate is expensive, but also known as some of the finest dark chocolate around. It’s sourced from specific plantations in Ecuador, Cote d’Ivoire, Venezuela and Trinidad. The Vintages collection is made of single origin cacao (coming from just one plantation), which makes up seventy-five percent of the bar. Other ingredients include sugar and cacao butter. No emulsifiers are used, and the commonly included vanilla flavor is omitted to give fans pure enjoyment of the chocolate.

Delafee - Delafee’s chocolates cost around five hundred dollars a pound, making them less expensive than Chocopologie or the Vintages Collection, but not by much. These sparkling chocolates include edible gold, hand applied to each individual chocolate. Vanilla, coconut oil, milk powder, sugar and cocoa butter are included as well.

Godiva’s G Collection - This well known Belgian chocolatier’s G collection includes many different flavors, and costs one hundred twenty dollars per pound. Those flavors include Tasmanian Honey, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Palet d’Or, amony others.

Richart - Also at one hundred twenty dollars a pound, Richart chocolate is made from seventy percent Venezualen Criollo cocoa, some of the best in the world. Its mild flavor is paired with high quality spices, raspberries, almonds and more, and the cocoa is ground as finely as possible.

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