Pizza : It can be low cholesterol.

Personally speaking I think there is very little foods that give off an aroma as mouth watering as pizza, and I love the smell and the eating of it. You then might think I am about 16 stones with high cholesterol but this is nowhere near the truth. You can have low cholesterol, healthier pizzas without sacrificing the taste. We could all take a tip from the Italian lifestyle and diet.

If you do not overeat of course, which is the same for almost any food, and if you know some recipes for low fat low cholesterol pizza, you have nothing to worry about and enjoy eating it.

Healthy Pizza Recipe Preparation:

When trying to prepare healthy pizza, start with a fat-free pizza dough. I love to prepare pizza out of pita bread for example. For all pizza, use substitution like fat-free cheese, fat free tomato sauce, or garlic (which has cholesterol lowering properties).

Just be creative. Try some of the recipes below or mix and match them to let your imagination run wild.

Why not start the day with a breakfast pizza with egg whites on your low fat pizza base and top it off with lean bacon, fat free cheese, and some onion.

Not all pizzas must have meat in them. Try a veggie pizza with your same low fat crust and them topping them with shredded low fat cheese, mushrooms, red and green peppers and finished with some onion. Never a bad thing to throw in some garlic which is very healthy for the heart.

Once you realise that pizzas can be healthy then you can spot the right ingredients and go wild creating wonderful smells and tastes and keeping the waistline in check.

I hope this has helped show that pizzas don't have to be a luxury item and can be enjoyed more often than you think.

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