About Us
Shabuhana welcomes you to a relaxing atmosphere where you will find a menu prepared using the highest quality of ingredients together with the best selection of Japanese Sake and Sho-chu and wines. We have made sure that all efforts have been made to use the best meats to prepare our dishes.

Shabuhana is specialized in Shabushabu, which is one of traditional Japanese hot pot. Our service policy adopts Japanese traditional way which look afterall processes of cooking at customer's tables.

Our food and services are widely supported by Japanese business men and local wealthy people who know genuine Japanese quality and service.
Japanese cuisine always the best. I will say nothing beats their cawanmushi:) two thumbs up.
Always love Japanese cuisine and this restaurant is able to provide good shabu shabu. I love the soup so much :)
Being a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, I have promised myself to as much as possible, try most of the variations of Japanese food. Shabu shabu - is one of such that i havent tried until Shabuhana. Basically, it is the jap style version of our local traditional steamboat and we all know the importance of fresh ingredients and spread of it as that determines how good the meal is. Shabuhana is the combination of both and the meat are so fresh that both me and my friends ordered an insane amount of those.
Shabuhana prepares meat of the highest quality to go with your Shabu Shabu. And dont forget the ponzu sauce... MMMM ADDICTIVE!!
ood choice for you to dine with friends or family that you won't miss at River Valley. Fresh meat and fishes
Love their shabu shabu. They have 2 types, the oumi wagyu shoulder loin and premium pork from Japan.
it's just too delicious! fine-dine japanese restaurant, meat is fresh and tasty, must try the sukiyaki! highly recommended!!!
Gonna try this some day!
Shabuhana has great variety.. Great ambience..
I was just looking at the images... the place is really nice and I love Japanese food will go and try the Singapore version !!!
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