Success Training Secrets in Failure

By: Doug Firebaugh

"Success is the ability to go from one Failure to another without the loss of Enthusiasm."

Winston Churchill.

The word failure turns most people's stomach.

Does it yours?

It is an image that most do not want to have, nor even get close to. If you want to really see who your friends are, massively fail at something.

You'll find out.

Most people's paradigm of failure is a loser, and someone who "just can't cut the mustard".

Most people view failure as a disease and something to totally stay away from.

Most folks think of failure as for the weak, and for the "giving up crowd."




Failure is the ONLY WAY you will ever become successful, because it is the setbacks and adversities in your life that create the person inside of you that ATTRACTS Success.

You need to become SUCCESS MAGNETIC.

You don't Persue Success.

It Persues You.

You don't Become Successful.

Success Becomes You.

You don't Create Success.

It Creates You, through the storms, setbacks, and failures that all are a part of the Success Formula.

Who are you to think that Failure is for Losers?

Who am I to say that Failure attracts Losers?

With one sentence I can radically change your paradigm of failure and you will never view it the same.

And it will allow you to tap into the Incredible Success Power that remains hidden within the word.

And you will see the REAL SECRET of attracting Success in your life.

What would that sentence be?

Here it is:

The last word in Failure is Lure.

And that is the most Powerful way to Lure and Attract Success in your life that lasts.


There is no such thing as Powerless Failure.

Either your efforts have Attraction Power or Repelling Power for Success.

You can only allow yourself to fail. It is NOT something that happens to you,or against you, but IN YOU.

Success Nugget:

All Failure comes from within.

It is something you ALLOW to happen. When you don't tap into it's teaching and building Power.

People only fail when they give up, and they give up because they are focused on:

The first word in Failure.

Not the Last.

And that is how you Lure in your life Massive Success.

doug firebaugh

(c) 2006/ Wealth Transformation Systems(tm)


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