Stop Tap Dancing in the Wrong Ballroom

By: Doug C. Grant

Article Title: Stop Tap Dancing in the Wrong Ballroom
Author Name: Doug C. Grant
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Word Count: 678
Category: Motivational/Humor
? Doug C. Grant, 2002
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(another chapter from the i-mail saga)

by Doug C. Grant

"Been setting a lot of goals for us, have you?"

I had just finished a session of goal setting and was feeling rather good about where I was going and what I intended to accomplish. Then came the i-mail from Other-Self. An i-mail is like an e-mail except it arrives internally, can't be ignored and doesn't have a delete button.

I looked at my goal sheet again and smiled. "Yes...I think even you will have to agree that these represent a worthwhile plan for my future."

"I would if I could see some overall purpose behind them."

"Purpose! What do you mean, PURPOSE? They're covered with purpose."

"Such as?"

"Success! Financial prosperity! Fulfillment! Get with the program. It's the stuff of life."

"I couldn't agree less."

This really unplugged my wires. Sometimes Other-Self can be so completely no-where that I question if he's part of me. "All right...let's take this slow and easy. Are you telling me that you don't think success, money, fulfillment and all that good stuff amounts to anything?"

"I don't recall having said that at all. I was simply observing that the ‛good stuff', as you call it, doesn't amount to a whistle in the wind without a purpose behind it."

"I think I left you behind somewhere.

Success IS a purpose. Money IS a purpose."

"Wrong as usual. They may be goals but they are not a purpose."

"Sounds to me like we're having an argument over words."

"Not at all. Let me ask you a few questions. Why did you choose the goals that you did? What else should or could you be doing with your life? Where are you going? For that matter, where did you come from?"

" I get it. This is one of your feet off the ground head in the sky discussions. Sorry...I'm not feeling very high-minded today."

"Well, pardon me! I didn't mean to overload your thinking circuits. But what we are discussing here is basic hard-core reality so listen carefully. YOU WILL NEVER SUCCEED BEYOND THE PURPOSE TO WHICH YOU HAVE DEDICATED YOUR LIFE."

" That's really deep. Excuse me while I go stick my head in a book of wise sayings or something."

"Stick your head wherever you like. Sand if you prefer. But when you re-enter the reality zone, truth will still be truth."

"Okay. I'm in an accommodating mood so let's say there is a difference between a goal and a purpose. I know about goals. How do I determine a purpose?"

"To begin with, it's not ‛A' purpose. It's ‛THE' purpose. And you begin by asking yourself what are your best talents and abilities? In other words, what do you do extremely well? What do you enjoy doing?"

"And what do I do with ‛THE' answer?"

"Decide the best way for you to serve God, others and yourself by using these talents."

"Ahhhh. I knew there was a catch to all this. You're suggesting sainthood."

"Not at all. I doubt if you'd even qualify for consideration. I'm merely pointing out that you were put here on earth for a purpose. Your talents and abilities will point you in that direction if you stop long enough to really look at them. Despite appearances, you are not a cosmic accident. You do have a mission. And until you discover and align yourself with that purpose you can set all the goals you want but you'll still be tap dancing in the wrong ballroom."

"Give me a for instance."

"You've got writing skills. You enjoy writing. So maybe your real purpose in life is to use your writing to help others walk taller. Someone else might be a gifted sales person. Their mission could be to help people live better or more successfully through valuable services or products. Get the idea?"

"Maybe. I will admit the idea is worth thinking about. But just out of curiosity, what is your dedicated purpose in life?"

"Saving you from your Dumb-Self. It's a full-time commitment."

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