Dont Quit Yet... It Gets Easier!

By: John Colanzi

I remember when I first came online. It was such a
different world. The big breakthrough when I was in
college, were those key punch machines.

Man, this was a whole new world, I was overwhelmed by how
much I didn't know. It seemed I would never get the hang of

Luckily I had an offline business to keep me going. You
wouldn't believe how many times I felt like throwing in the

This was a world for techies, not for a dinosaur like me.
HTML and all the other terms were a foreign language. The
more I studied, the dumber I felt.

Have you felt like that?

Do you still feel like that?

Well you're not alone. Building an online business is like
anything else. It gets easier with practice.

When you first start on the ride up the hill to financial
freedom, the only thing you see is the steep climb ahead.

This is where the average person throws up their hands and

What a shame.

If you just put in some time and effort your view would

In the beginning you're like a little child walking through
the woods. As the walk continues the child has trouble
keeping up with his father.

The father can't understand why the child is having
problems. The path is clear and there are no obstacles in

A little farther along the father bends down to find out
what's wrong. It finally hits him.

He's looking at a different world. The child being closer
to the ground can't see very far ahead. The travel seems so

When you first start your climb up the hill, you're so
close to the ground, you don't have a clear view of the
climb ahead. Once you start taking your first tentative
steps up the hill, your view will become slightly clearer.

Every step you take up the hill reveals more and more of
the big picture. Keep climbing and you'll see a whole new

You don't have to be a genius. You just have to keep

Don't quit, it will get easier.

In the words of Napoleon Hill, "The Ladder Of Success is
never crowded at the top."

So keep climbing. A whole new world awaits.

Wishing You SuccessBusiness Management Articles,
John Colanzi
Street Smart Marketing


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