The Connection - Simple Smiles

By: Joanna M. Carman

Smiles have power relative to an ant's physical ability. They can
cheer someone up, improve your own mood, and make the world a more
beautiful place. It amazes me how few people actually use them in
their everyday lives.

I recently bought a tanning package at a new facility and am, so far,
unhappy with it. My tan is beautiful and dark, so that makes me feel
good, but I just don't feel good about being there. It's almost as
if I'm burdening employees when I walk in the door. Without looking
up from their computer, they ask my last name and how long I plan to
tan for. They bark a bed number and that's it.

The only emotion I seem to get is from the sign taped to each stalls'
door instructing tanners to bring out their towels and goggles
emphasized by three exclamation points. As I bring out my goggles to
the front counter, none of the three employees turns in my direction
to retrieve them. So, I set them on the counter and walk out the
door without so much as a "Bye" from any of them.

As a result, I want to go back to my old tanning facility.

There, I
received a smile as soon as I walked in the door and right before I
walked out.

So what's the big deal about the employees of my new tanning place
not smiling at me? Well, simply put, it's because I walk into that
facility for 20 minutes of relaxation after a long day at work and 45
minutes of traffic, but still manage to strap one on for them.

Simple smiles make me feel better; they make everyone feel better.
Whether you are the one smiling or the person seeing a smile, they
communicate friendliness, happiness, content, etc. Those are
emotions I like to grab on to when my day isn't going so well.

Think of how you feel when you are walking down the street and a
gentleman walking in the other direction smiles and bids you a good
morning. You feel acknowledged and grateful for the kind gesture.

Anyone who uses the telephone to earn a living knows that wearing a
smile improves the way they sound to the person on the other end of
the telephone, even if they can't see it. Those who wear smiles
appear more lively, enthusiastic, and friendly. Those who don't,
tend to be more monotone and dull.

The same effect happens in real life when you smile at someone. What
you say to them will not only ring better in their ears, but will be
of more interest.

Smilers also find they are happier than people who don't bother to
shape their lips. By forcing yourself to smile for a short period of
time, you will create a habit that improves your mood, and,
ultimately, your outlook on life.

Smile at everyone you see, spread the diseaseFree Web Content, and you will see the
world turning into a place you don't mind being.

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