Lets concentrate on personal development!

By: A.m. Sall

Let's concentrate on personal development!


These days, watching TV, listening to the radio, reading
newspapers or internet news is real torture: nothing but
sickening scenes, a horrible litany of killings, bombings,
murder, rape...

It's no use dwelling on the "reasons" or justification
put forward by those who perpetrate such deeds.

However, one thing is obvious: at the root of all conflicts,
there is manipulation by so-called "leaders" and here is an
undeniable fact for you:

If every human being just decided to ignore these so-called
leaders and concentrate on personal development, that would
be the end of all conflicts between people and groups of

So, I say to you:

- Concentrate on your personal development.

- Never allow yourself to be manipulated by politicians,
religious leaders, or any type of leaders. More often than
not, such people are hardly able to lead themselves.

- God is everyone's God. If you believe in God, you can lead
yourself to Him (or Her, for that matter).

You certainly don't
need anybody for that.

- As much as possible, look at human beings for what they are
i.e. as individuals, not as members of a group, class, race,
religion, country, culture, color, race, gender etc.

- Go straight for the "humanity in all human beings"

Of course, we are all more or less influenced by the society
we were born into, the culture we grew up in, the language
we speak. But deep inside, we all have something in common.

Maybe the only thing that could force human beings to unite
and actually love and appreciate one another would be
invaders from another planet, all set to destroy any being
with that universally human quality: humanity. So, however
deep inside you you'd try to hide your humanity, they'd have
a special device to discover it and destroy you.

Then of course, we'd all have to assume our common humanity,
get together, and fight back.

So, if we must be "group-conscious", then let that group be
Mankind, or - why not after all - the whole Universe and
everything that exists.

Meanwhile, let's just concentrate on our own personal
development. In the process and in other articles, I'll
tell you about "know yourself", "love yourself" and
"agree with yourself"

But "what" may you ask, "has all this got to do with Health,
Beauty, and Wellness?".

The answer lies in one single word: BALANCE. Know yourself,
love yourself, agree with yourself and you'll achieve
physical, psychological, moral and spiritual balance.

And THAT, my friend, is the ultimate health, beautyHealth Fitness Articles, and
wellness secret tip. But please always remember:
"Let's know each other to better know ourselves"

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