Do You Make regular Backups?

By: John Evans

"Do You Make REGULAR Backups? If You Don't...
It Could Cost You"
copyright 2002 John Evans

One of the very basic computer 'rules' is to always
make backup copies of your important files.

That is not only good advice, it's extremely essential.

You've probably heard the saying that it's not IF your
hard drive will crash, but WHEN!

But crashing is not the only way to lose files. What
about accidently deleting files, and then emptying the
Recyle Bin?

Suppose you wanted to delete the files on a floppy in
your 'A' drive. Also suppose that you forgot to switch
to the 'A' drive before you hit "delete." I hate to
admit it, but I've done this TWICE. (Some of us learn
the hard way.) So, I lost everything on the hard drive.


Then, of course, I had to reinstall Windows, and find
all the floppies that contained my backup files, and
reinstall everything.

Very time-consuming.

It wasn't too bad at that time, because I had just
started fooling around with computers, and didn't
have much on mine. Hadn't even signed up for an online
service, yet.

But what if my online business had been up and running
at that time, and I had no backups...?

The second time this happened, I did have backups, but
they were on 1.44mb floppies. A LOT of 1.44mb floppies.

Since then, I have switched to a 250mb Zip Drive. And
what a difference. When I was using 1.44mb floppies, it
took quite a few just to back up the necessary files.
Now, with the 250mb zip floppy, I can back up WHOLE
PROGRAMS, and not just the important files.

The 250mb floppy holds the equivelant of just over 173
of the 1.44 floppies. Talk about saving space.

The cost? The 250mb Zip Drive itself can sell for
around $150-$200. But the real savings is in the floppy
disks, the time saved, and the convenience.

A 1.44 floppy disk sells for around 50 cent each,
depending on the quantity you buy, and where you buy
them. So, 173 would cost you about $86.50. The last
zip floppies I bought were $55 for 4, which makes them
$13.75 each. Compare $13.75 to $86.50 for the same amount
of disk space. A huge saving. And you only have to mess
with 1 disk, instead of 173. I love it.

But the REAL important thing here is to BACKUP, no matter how you do itScience Articles, JUST BACKUP.

copyright2002 John Evans
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