Theme Parks in Malacca


Theme Parks

Away from the city, Malacca’s recreational spots beckon visitors with a host of attractions.


o        A’Famosa Cowboy Town

The A’Famosa Cowboy Town brings visitors back to the good old days of the Wild West. It features cowboys and cowgirls, country song performances and stunt shows.

Opening hours:   6pm – 12am

Carnival                       : 9pm – 10.30pm

Red Indian Show         : 8.30pm & 10.00pm

Animal Musical Parade : 9pm – 10pm

Admission fee:    Malaysian -   Adult RM30

                                                Children RM25

Foreigner -   Adult RM50

                    Children RM40


Children’s Theme Park Opening hours: 4pm – 12am

Admission fee: Adult       RM20

                                    Children  RM20


o        A’Famosa Water World

The A’Famosa Water World is fully equipped with a captivating array of facilities built to international standards.

Set in a 20-acre landscaped area, the water park features a wave pool, tube and raft rides, high speed slides and children’s play area.

Opening hours:   11am – 7pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

9am – 8pm (Weekends, school holidays and public holidays)

Admission fee:    Malaysia -   Adult RM23

                                             Children RM18

                                       Foreigner - Adult RM30

                                                         Children RM8

o        Mini ASEAN

This unique theme park features prominent architectural & cultural elements of several ASEAN countries.

Opening hours: 9am – 5pm

Admission fee: Adult RM10

Children RM5

Tel: 06-232 1331


*Children height above 3 feet – 12 years old.

** Admission is fee for children under the height of 3 feet.

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