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Bali Travel Guide
by: Celestine

The island of Bali is mountainous in the center with a cluster of volcanoes of which one is the active Mount Agung and considered sacred. Terraced rice-fields dominate the landscape, with small streams bringing water for irrigation.

Bali… once you hear the name, close your eyes and explore those vivid images of yourself lying on white sandy beach, sunbathing under the shadow of coconut trees swaying from right to left because of the cold breeze from the sea. Yes, that dream picture is actually Bali, and you will get a whole lot more! This is the ‘Paradise on Earth’.

The densest area is on the south side, including Sanur, Kuta, Legian and Jimbaran linking to the Denpasar. As for the rest of Bali, it is mostly sparsely populated and an agricultural island. Bali has its famous system of irrigation called Subak, which was invented hundreds of years ago, which explains its thriving agricultural produce.

Here we provide you an overview of Bali (a province of the republic of Indonesia). It is broken into 9 districts (known as Regencies) as follows;

  • Badung
    Occupies over 418.52sqkm of land and is located in the centre of Bali island. This is where the popular Kuta town can be found.

  • Bangli
    This is one of the regencies in Bali that is not surrounded by sea but provides some of the best scenery in the island of Bali.

  • Buleleng
    This place has its own unique social and cultural features due to its being isolated from the south by the central volcanic ridge and vast expanse of forest. This regency stretches across nearly the whole of northern Bali from east to west.

  • Gianyar
    Here in the luxurious regency of Gianyar contains some of Bali’s oldest relics and most of her significantly important archaelogical sites. Gianyar is richly endowed with artistic traditions and is known for producing some of the island’s most accomplished painters and dancers.

  • Jembrana
    This regency is a hilly area on the southwest coast of Bali. North Jembrana is a mountainous region and is part of West Bali’s National Park. The latter can be found in two regencies – Jembrana as well as well Buleleng.

  • Karangasem
    Karangasem is situated in the eastern part of Bali, which is full of interesting places to visit as well as amazing beaches. A terrible volcanic eruption occurred on March the 17th, 1963

  • Klungkung
    Klungkung is the smallest regency in the Bali province, but it has shown to have enormous tourism potential. In the east side, the landscape is still scarred by the lava streams of the eruption that occurred in 1963. This event actually cut Klungkung off from the rest of Bali for some time.

  • Tabanan
    This regency comprises of two main regions, the mountains towards the north and the lower plains in the south. In the mountainous areas of the north also lies Bali’s second highest mountain, Mount Batukau.

  • Denpasar
    This is the big city, the centre of all government offices and the capital city of Bali. Denpasar used to be the base of the Badung kingdom, and then it became the center for the Bali government in 1958.

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