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What Our Users have to Say About Us in 2004 & 2005
  What Our Users Say . .
2005 - 2004

Voted by Streetdirectory.net for the followings;

1. The best 2005, 2006 Singaporemap &
2. Number 1 Singapore Road Directory
3. Most Updated Singapore Road Map

Streetdirectory.net is a local resource centre for Singapore Maps

"No need to make it better. It is already the best navigation map I have found. It is even better than the handheld map devices!!" Mr Amrit - 17 Oct 2005
I just like to express my appreciation to the team in Streetdirectory.com for this remarkably useful site. Being a web developer myself, I am amazed by the rich feature and capabilities of this site! Well done Streetdirectory.com.
Mr Michael - 16 September 2005
"This service is excellent. I can't think of anything else to improve this website. I will certainly recommend it to my friends. I would like to suggest that you make it free for users and allow download and printing of one map for free so that users can download and print the one map to inform their friends. However, I do appreciate that you have to make a profit in order to keep this website in its most up-to-date status. Not a problem for me to pay, but try not to charge too much. This is really excellent." Mr Simon Tan - 5 Sep 2005
Hi there! I've been using Streetdirectory.com maps for about two years now. When I first came across streetdirectory.com I said this, and I'll say it again: it's a singularly exceptional tool that's made traveling immensely simpler and more efficient, especially (but not only) when used with the bus guides on SBS Ttransit and TIBS. The choice of graphics for your maps are much better than that used in some other map websites (which just use simple line art that's hard to corroborate with real landmarks), while your constant map updating and surveying really shows in the quality of the maps. I've spotted streetdirectory.com GPS Kangoos running around before and was impressed with the effort your team puts into the work.
Please keep up the superb work - though to be absolutely fair I would, as a user, caution against 'overloading' the site with features/embellishments etc that may drastically slow the site down or clutter it up completely... the level of detail on streetdirectory.com maps (both printed and online) is excellent,
  but at the end of the day people would like to know how to get from A to B without having to obtain an ordinance map-reading qualification to do so ;)
Mr. Dennis Khong - 21 July 2005
"I would like to tell you guys that you have really done a very good job to let people know how to get to their destinations with ease. After searching for my destination, I had more confidence in traveling, all thanks to your site. So, keep up the good work Streetdirectory.com! :)". Mr Lim - 23 May 2005
"I just want to compliment on the user-friendliness of this site. The step-by-step instructions for the bus routing are impressive, precise and clear". Ms Lim - 30 April 2005
"I am very impress with Streetdirectory.com Routing Services. Your route analysis for driving directions is indeed impressive. Keep it up" Mrs Tung - 29 April 2005
"Your Singapore Directory is fantastic. I have been visiting Singapore for many years and using your Directory has saved me many hours locating addresses. Your recent improvements make it the most comprehensive directory I have ever used. I cannot think of any further improvements". Mr. John Mack - 27 March 2005
"I think you have a great website. I always refer to it when I need to get to somewhere new. It is really comprehensive". Ms. Jennifer - 26 March 2005
"I just have so much to tell you guys what a fantastic site this is. I was new to Singapore and this site helped me more than I could have ever imagine. Especially the routing to and from places. Thank you so much Streetdirectory.com!. I think there are many people who don't know about how good Streetdirectory.com really is and for that reason you should advertise it more. I have only seen a couple of ads on the buses but nothing more. Please let more people know about this site. It is really good!" Ms.Bhounsle - 23 March 2005
"First of all, thank you for a fabulous site! It is the best online street directory I've used in 15 years of being reliant on one for my sales calls and visits" Mr. L Y Wong - 22 Feb 2005
"Your website is so impressive I just had to send you a note to congratulate you. I will be travelling to Singapore in a few days and your site has saved me a considerable amount of time as I now know where I am going right down to the very buildings I intend to visit. Thank you very much. Kind regards Robert". Mr. Robert Emanuel - 17 Feb 2005
"Your website Streetdirectory.com is absolutely brilliant!!!! " Mr Novianto 3 Febuary 2005
"Just a note to commend you on this site. We are Singaporeans living & working in London and as we are due back for good soon, this site has been very useful in helping us find/locate our potential new home upon our return. Keep up the good work!". Ms. Cecilia Yee - 31 January 2005
"The website Streetdirectory.com has help me tremendously in my work area. From searching of street name to building name and most importantly the "Postal code" search (something which i like the most) which make things more faster and easier. Thank you for this service that you have provided in the Streetdirectory.com. Thanks again and keep it up." Mr Sherlock Low - 27 January 2005
"I think you have done an excellent job so far especially for foreigners like me. It is very good to have a streetdirectory which u can rely on!" Mr. Konstantin Strangas - 21 January 2005
"Just wanted to say that your website is amazing. I am currently planning a trip to Singapore and I totally appreciate and am amazed at the level of detail and clarity of your maps and photographs. Thank you". Mrs. Vicki Cresswell - 21 January 2005
"Great work. I'm really lost without it" Mr Kenneth - 18 January 2005
"I very pleased with your website. It helps me locate the place or building I would like to know. Keep up the good work." Ms Carolyn - 17 January 2005
"Perhaps you can fill some more photographs of buildings and roads if possible. It is however already a very good website and a very helpful one. The bus service searches is excellent. Thank you for this service" Mr Jerome Dominic - 15 January 2005
"This web site is so useful that I can even find my building in a zippy. Keep up this good work". Mr. Tan - 15 January 2005
"I am very happy with the new bus route planning tool. Well done!" Ms Lee H T - 13 January 2005