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Streetdirectory.com Editorial Policy
As a publisher for S.E.A Travel Guide, our editorial team is dedicated to preserving its independence, integrity and freedom from bias in the gathering and dissemination of its travel reviews and information. We have strict policies in place to ensure adherence to these principles. We are committed to:
» Give accurate and balanced reporting during our reviews. Errors of fact are always promptly corrected and clearly published.

» Reporting the facts after a thorough investigation of the property (where available) and in some situations using emotive terms which may be subjective to the writer. We also try to interview the owner or some key management staffs of the property we are reviewing to give our users a better understanding of their objectives.

» Where possible, pay for the meals or hotel stays to enjoy the facilities and service as any other patron. This will allow our writers to see the service as it is. We do not solicit or participate in any barter/advertising deals for our reviews or write-up or neither can these property owners pay to be featured in our reviews. When it is an invitation from restaurants or hotels, we make it clear that we have to remain neutral and objective in our reviews.

» As the advertising department runs separately from the editorial team, we will not accept special editorial access or privileges by virtue of Streetdirectory.com’s commercial relationships.

» No editorial staff member will operate in a self-serving manner. No staff member shall let their personal opinions influence the coverage of stories, restaurants or events, nor shall a third party be allowed to dictate or influence our editorial process.
We receive many e-mails each week and it might not be possible to send individual replies. But we do welcome views on how we could improve reviews. All correspondence is sent to a senior management staff. In fact we often spot and correct errors faster with the help of sharp-eyed readers.

If you have a property (Restaurants, Hotels, Pubs/Bars) in Singapore, Malaysia, Bali or Java that you would like our editorial team to review, you can inform our editors by sending an email to:
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Want to know more?