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Beginners Golf Tips
by Reggie Dunn. You can safely say that golf tips are the thoughts you harbor in your subconscious mind as you swing that golf club of yours. At the end of the day what matters is how well the golf tips work, irrespective of where it came from - another player or a...
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What Makes A Great Golf Swing
by Reggie Dunn. Think about the following questions. What makes a good golf swing and why are some people able to do it while others cannot? The major part of the answer lies in how you engage yourself off the golf course. It may surprise you to know what a little ...
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Golfing Instructions For Beginners
by Reggie Dunn. This is one guide that can make all the difference in the world for beginners. Perhaps you cannot get your golf swing in gear nor can you afford to spend a thousand or more bucks for an instructor or buy a costly golf aid. Read on further to combat ...
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How Good Are You As A Golfer?
by Reggie Dunn. Somewhere around 106 is the apparent average golf score. It can be concluded that a great many number of men and women are shooting in the 110s, 120s and above, when you consider that numerous players are having scores in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Does ...
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The Golf Ball Shag Bag - Making Practice Fun Again, Guaranteed!
by John Bolt. Any golfer looking to improve needs to get a golf ball shag bag. It doesn't matter if you have a driving range at your home course or not you still need to practice your approach shots and short game around the greens. This little innovative piece o...
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Important Tips on Choosing Golf Bags
by John Bolt. Since golf is considered an adventure, those of us who play should make sure our golf bags are well packed. In today's world that's easier then ever, with the incredible super light bags coming in a rainbow of colors, with enormous storage compartme...
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Prepare For The Golf Season With Golf Fitness Exercises
by Sean Cochran. The PGA Golf Tour is in full swing and for many parts of the country and world the golf season is upon us. Many of you are anxious to dust off the golf clubs and get out to the gol
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Why Are Golf Courses Designed The Way That They Are
by Carl Walker. No matter where you go on this great big planet of ours you are bound to come across at least a few golf courses. These days golf courses are the must have for all countries and that is because now more than ever, golf is a major tourist attraction....
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Driving the Golf Ball Straighter With Golf Fitness Exercise
by Sean Cochran. This is probably a burning desire of most every golfer on the planet. The desire to drive the golf ball farther and straighter, allowing us to lower our golf scores on the golf cou
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How A Muffin Tin Can Improve Your Golf Game
by Gray Rollins. Any golfer will tell you that a lot of confusion can stem from not being able to identify your ball on the course. When two balls fall near to the hole but also near to each other, the debate over which player made which shot can get quite uncomfort...
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Golf Balls That Match Your Skills
by Robert Thatcher. Any golfer knows the role of the golf balls in their plays. No matter how good a golfer is, if he is without golf balls then his skills have no value. Every golfer knows these facts. This is why golf balls had become the primary commodities among go...
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Golf Bags: What To Choose
by Robert Thatcher. Your golf bag is a piece of golf accessory that allows you to carry all your other equipment with you such as the clubs, tees, markers, and perhaps an umbrella or towel. This piece of equipment doesn't necessarily have direct effects on your game bu...
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Guidelines For Better Golf Games
by Robert Thatcher. You would normally hear novice golf players complain that golf is quite frustrating. This is because the game is rather difficult to play. Not because of the nature of the golf game itself but mainly because players need to achieve a certain level o...
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How To Improve Your Golf Swing Timing
by Dean R. Iggo. One of the most important factors in building a repeatable and reliable swing on the golf course is golf swing timing. In fact, it is the timing of the golf swing that makes quiet necessary for golfers to concentrate. Even with the instruction and t...
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How to Use A Free Golf Swing Video To Help Improve Your Game
by Dean R. Iggo. It seems that we always talk about how there is "no such thing as a free lunch". The fact is that when it comes to golf instruction, this couldn't be further from the true. Nothing will be able to help you as much as your instructor and your lessons...
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Getting The Most Out Of Golf Instructions
by Dan Farrell. Like any sports, golf entails some fundamental instructions on rules, method, customs, and equipment. These golf instructions, aside from practices, are important in order to become an expert golfer. But even if you have no desire to become an exper...
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Golfing - The Joy Of Golf
by Bill Mcrea. I started playing golf as a way to entertain clients and socialize with my business vendors. If you have decided to take up golf as a hobby you will be rewarded with the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and the addition of many new friends and acqua...
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How to Find the Best Deals on Golf Equipment
by John Bolt. Everyone in this world loves a good bargain, and for golf equipment the song remains the same. The one thing to remember is that bargain doesn't always have to mean cheap, used, or damaged. You can find some really good buys if you just spend a litt...
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Integrating Weight Training Into Your Golf Exercise Program
by Sean Cochran. Are you too confused about weight training for golf?There are many opinions in the golf world on whether weight training is beneficial or counter-productive to the golf
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Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations Are Great For The Whole Family
by Ben Franklin. If you've been dying to take a Myrtle Beach golf vacation, but the rest of the family isn't hip on a golf trip, play up the other options and you might just get your dream getaway. The community has more appeal than just golf, so don't worry, while ...
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Amazing Golf Gift Ideas
by Ben Franklin. If you have a special someone in your life with a passion for playing a full 18 holes, you have a world of possibilities when the holidays, birthdays or other special events roll around. No, you don't have to settle for a package of golf balls eithe...
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Golf Discount Store Shopping Makes Good Cents
by Ben Franklin. Let's face it. Playing golf is not one of the most economical sports in the world. Unlike basketball where a single ball is needed for two teams to play and maybe, just maybe, some specialized shoes, a golfer requires a lot more gear to get going an...
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Golf Stance Tips
by Robert Partain. Many newer golfers (and a few older ones, too) have a tendency to misalign themselves when they take their stance. Normally, what they will do is aim way right of the target and they do this for a reason. Players who are misaligned from the get go a...
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Get Top Quality And Performance With The Best Golf Clubs
by Ben Franklin. With players across the world considering the Ping golf club as one of the best going, it's little wonder this name brand is highly sought after by players of all levels. Although it's a poor musician that blames his instrument, a musician can't pla...
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How To Set Up A Golf Fitness Program To Improve Your Golf Game
by Sean Cochran. Professional golfers on the PGA Tour understand the connection between golf swing mechanics and the body. The most notable players in the world have regimented golf fitness program
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