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Phoenix Golf Course Homes
by Wayne Hemrick. Imagine owning Phoenix real estate located right at the edge of a world-class golf course...such luxury properties are available now for savvy home buyers and investors who recognize value when they see it. You may have been hearing a lot of horror ...
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Golf Course Communities and other Developments
by Tim Dillard. Looking for a home is a difficult process, and it is hard to know if the home you are buying is truly up to the high standards that the home sellers are telling you. It can be difficult to find and fix small problems with the home until after you ha...
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Polaris Golf Spain - Free Viewing Trips
by Dennis Collins. The Costa Calida also known as the warm coast is located in the South East corner of Spain and is the coast line of the Murcia province. Recently opened new motorway networks, planned rail routes and easy access via airports have shown a boost in it...
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Lifestyle Abounds in Top Cherokee County Golf Course Communities
by Tim Dillard. There are many reasons why golf course communities in Cherokee County in Atlanta have become some of the top places to live in Georgia. First, the scenery of a pristine golf course is often enhanced by a waterfront view with the proximity of Lake Ar...
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Homes in Luxury Golf Resorts in Scottsdale
by Steve Proski. Some people just can't get enough of golf. So much so, that they even want to live on a golf course. If you're a non-golfer, you may think this sounds crazy. If so, go and check some of these places out. You will soon realize that all of these house...
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Choosing Golf Estates as Holiday Properties From Fractional
by tara. Golf estate properties usually serve as long term residence options, not long term holiday properties. Doesn't waking up to the rushing of the ocean in the distance followed by a relaxing day on the green sound like a great idea? Thanks to Fraction...
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The Beauty of Waleska Golf Course Communities
by Tim Dillard. Many individuals today are moving to the Georgia area. They are finding out that they enjoy the countryside, and they enjoy the houses that are for sale. There are some specific places within Georgia, as well, that individuals seem to gravitate to. ...
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Secrets of an Incredible Golf Course Community
by Candi Munguia.Secrets of an Incredible Golf Course Community That's Convenient to Fort Worth by: Candi Munguia Located just 15 minutes west of downtown Fort W
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Pheasant Run Golf Course and Country Club
by Leaftech. You might not think that a city like Toronto, the very definition of urban sprawl, would have room anywhere near it for a first rate golf course and country club such as Pheasant Run. Located less than a hour's drive from Toronto's downtown core, th...
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Houston Golf Communities Combines Desirable Locations
by Tim Dillard. There is no doubt about it, Houston is a young city with young business ventures and young people to go with it. The average age here is middle 30's. The atmosphere is quick pace and hopping. Growth in both population and construction are having a h...
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Houston New Homes Bring Change to Golf Course Community
by Tim Dillard. As the growth in Houston increases, so does the demand for new housing. Reconstruction and renovation of older homes are replaced with newly constructed condos and town homes. Home prices raging into the millions are creating landscape changes as th...
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Morocco Offers Golf Property and Lush Green Neighbourhood
by Aslam. Its like a dream come true when you wake up early morning, and see lush green lawns, or more precisely, a whole golf course from your window, while sunrays pour into your luxurious room and when you can enjoy one of the best life styles available in...
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The Investment Potential of Golf Homes
by Preston Guyton.The Investment Potential of Golf Homes by: Preston Guyton You can always get a solid return selling your golf course home, even if the market lo
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Scottsdale, Arizona Ancala Golf Course Real Estate
by Nick McConnell.Scottsdale, Arizona Ancala Golf Course Real Estate by: Nick McConnell Ancala is a spectacular community nestled and elevated high up in the McDo
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Scottsdale, Arizona Silverleaf Golf Course Real Estate
by Nick McConnell.Scottsdale, Arizona Silverleaf Golf Course Real Estate by: Nick McConnell The community of Silverleaf in Scottsdale, Arizona offers what could p
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Golf Course Communities in America
by Tim Dillard. The top golf course communities in America share some common characteristics and features that are the essence of what makes them attractive to golfers. To begin with, the golf course must be one that is interesting to play. It needs to challenge th...
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Top Golf Course Communities in America
by Tim Dillard. The top golf course communities in America share some common characteristics and features that are the essence of what makes them attractive to golfers. To begin with, the golf course must be one that is interesting to play. It needs to challenge th...
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Residing in the Top Golf Course Communities in America
by Tim Dillard. If you're thinking about residing in a golf community, you should take a look at the top golf course communities in America before making a final decision as to which would be most suited to your own lifestyle. There are hundreds of golf course comm...
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Choosing Which Waleska Golf Course Communities To Live In
by Tim Dillard. Moving to the luxurious Waleska golf course communities means that you will need to make a choice between several great neighborhoods. In a county where great golf courses abound, homes are luxurious, the scenery is majestic, and your perfect home y...
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Brunswick Plantation Golf Resort
by Tim Stewart. More and more families from the northeast are choosing the coastal Carolinas for their new or retirement home. When researching a place for a vacation second home or for future retirement, look no further than Brunswick Plantation Golf Resort, Calab...
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Golf Course Property at New Orleans Provides Everything
by Melancon jeff. Golf course property is the latest craze in developments that targets the large market of baby boomers, now reaching retirement age. Most of them are interested in investing in golf course property at New Orleans because of its exciting atmosphere w...
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Reasons for Buying a Majorca Golf Property
by Clint Jhonson. Golf has transformed into an intrinsic component of the inhabitants' lives; this sport has flourished in Majorca thus leading to a constant search for real estate mallorca that can provide its buyers with golf course properties. This royal game has ...
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Tee-up to Golf Course Living in Tampa
by Calum MacKenzie. If you are looking for affordable luxury living in a setting that will take your breath away, look no further; it is time you explored golf course community living in Tampa.Enjoy a laid back lifestyle where your day might begin with a stroll to the ...

Golf Real Estate: for the Love of the Game
by Cyndi Gerken. Since 1456, when the first game was recorded in Edinburgh, golf has been creating some of world's most loyal fans and devotees. But we've come a long way from that crude beginning where players spent their time hitting a rock around on the craggy mo...
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Golf Carts Get Street Legal
by Cyndi Gerken. Initially gaining popularity with elite golfers in the 50s and 60s, golf carts are now making their way into all sorts of unlikely places. Employees in airports, warehouses, movie sets and resorts have all gotten mobile with golf carts over the past...
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