Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a small island, shaped like a boomerang, this island is off the northeastern coast of Singapore main island. This could be the very last kampung or village in Singapore.

Taking a stroll in Pulau Ubin would bring you back into the lifestyle Singapore had in the 1960s. You can enjoy the natural vegetation, interesting wildlife and most importantly what we could not get in this busy city, is the laidback kampong atmosphere.

Pulau Ubin Wild Boars

This is a place full of legends, with an enthralling history and geography. The settlement of Ubin was founded by a man name Encik Endut Senin as he sought the permission of the Sultan. Then, more than 50 families from Singapore joined him as it was a good strategic place for farming and fishing on the island. Soon, other industries such as granite quarrying took off. Once a busy village, Ubin accommodated a school, temples and shrines and the famous historical site in the island, near of Chek Jawa, is the 'House No. 1'.

Pulau Ubin

Built in the 1930s this English or Tudor style, House No. 1 or the English Bungalow/Cottage is a unique pre war structure. This building has a verandah and even a fireplace!! It was said that this house was a holiday retreat of a British medical officer. Other resources said that it was a home for the Chief Surveyor, Langdon Williams also for retreat. It is then later taken over by a rubber company and its manager.

Pulau Ubin

Image (C) Wolfics Tay

This island is the first point of landing of the Japanese during the World War II on 7 Feb 1942.

Now it is more developed into a nature park with the basic amenities and trails, campsites, chalets and shelters. For the physically active, this island has facilitated their visitors for trekking and cycling.