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Bakerzin is a casual dining caf? specialising in desserts. Committed to innovation and excellence, Bakerzin aims to be a dessert trendsetter and to provide remarkable service in delivering customer satisfaction and a value for money dining experience.
If you're a sweet tooth like me, you definitely would not want to miss this.
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25 Apr 2013 21:39:20
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If you're a sweet tooth like me, you definitely would not want to miss this.
Yummy mini cakes, variety of flavors.
their cakes are super soft and yummy! LOVE their strawberry shortcake :)
Love their macarons! Plenty of flavours to choose!
The cheesecake are irresistible (:
Got this xmass log ckae from my aunt! It looks awsome! As for the taste its good except i dont like the moose inside, its too many moose to my opinion.
Nice place to visit with family.
Yummu Macaroon by Bakerzin. The colourful Macaroon different color have different flavour.
just receive this mooncake brochure from my friend... i think 2morrow i will buy it... i'm really like durian :D
Must tryyyy! Blackforest cheesecake from bakerzin! If you love the combo taste of cheese and choco, this is the choice~
Bakerzin is having set lunch at $17.90++ Mon-Fri 11.30am to 3pm ( excluding eve of PH & PH)
I must say that the food here is surprisingly good.
Bakerzin's chocolate cake! Yummy..
They sells good cakes especially the chocolate one!!
bought this mango cake for my friend Charry! Happy Happy Birthday!!! Next time i'll try Bakerzin's Tiramisu!:)
Hightea! SOS and a cup of english breakfast tea Release you from whole tiring week
Actually felt quite impressed with the cakes sold by Bakerzin all this while because of the quality and tastiness. Visited to Bakerzin last week and ordered their black forest cheese cake. This is definitely an ultimately chocolaty cheesecake. Mouthful of chocolate, very yummy right? But the only thing that disappointed me is the lack of fruit taste. Overall, i am still satisfied with the cake and the friendly service provided
I haven realize the change in packaging until when I walked passed and decided to grab a few pieces of cake home. The lovely cakes are too appealing for me to choose from. Thus, I grabbed almost a piece of each.The packaging is so nice and chic, really catches one\'s heart! Even the ribbon, is not that plain ribbon! A gift that will really melt your heart.The box is well design as well to place cakes, such that when you open the box, it will be unfolded at one side of the box and you can take the piece of cake at ease.I specially love the shortcake and mango cake - the texture of the cake is fluffy and rich! You won\'t feel over indulging.
This Cookies and Cream Cheesecake is the best cheesecake I have ever eaten The cheese itself melts in my mouth and the taste is just right, not too sweet. Most cheesecakes will give you the \'sick\' taste after eating some mouthful, but this cheesecake doesn\'t! (For me) The oreo crumbs are delightful too, a perfect compliment to the cheesecake. It just feels like I\'m in paradise when I\'m eating this cheesecake. The environment is suitable for chilling and having a casual chit-chat. The service is fast too.
This Iced Mango Tea is very refreshing and is suitable to order in the hot weather. The mango taste is not too strong and there is a faint tea aroma after swallowing the drink down. The drink is not too sweet and is definitely suitable for those who does not have a sweet tooth. This is not your regular mango tea as it is more special. The portion is big too, I have half a cup of drink left even after I finished my food. The environment is suitable for chilling and the ambiance is nice too.
I have got a strawberry Cheese Cake from Bakerzin on a promotion. It was a cheese cake with a layer of strawberry jam on top and it was a bit too sweet to my liking. There was a layer of base at the bottom made of cookie crust and it tasted soggy. The cheese taste was just right, it will be nicer if the taste is a little stronger. I guess this would be my first and the last to get this cake from the Bakerzin.
I have got a New York Cheese Cake from Bakerzin on a promotion. It was a cheese cake with a layer of raspberry jam on top and it was a bit too sweet to my liking. There was a layer of base at the bottom made of cookie crust and it tasted soggy. The cheese taste was just right, it will be nicer if the taste is a little stronger. I guess this would be my first and the last to get this cake from the Bakerzin.
This piece of pancake is really different from other pancakes which get to eat from other cafes and restaurants.The slice is quite thin but the texture is quite fluffy, soft and quite moist in it.Love those fresh whip cream topped on it which taste great and also like admiring an art piece too.The sweet and sour sauce has also enhanced the flavour to this unique dessert.Added strawberry slices and berries have also make it more healthier and added that extra vitamins to this likeable dessert.
As we all know, Bakerzin is well known for their Cheesecakes! I always wanted to try it but did not have the chance too ): Then that day, my friend brought it just for me! As he know that i love cheese cakes! especially Oreo and strawberry ones! This Oreo cheese cake is nice as its not too cheesy and the Oreo blend in with the cheese cake well(: Maybe it would taste nice f they have a thick layer of cookie crust at the bottom(:
The chocolate ice cream sundae has one of the most delicious dark chocolate which I have ever try for chocolate ice cream.It is very creamy and thick in texture and the chocolate fudge used in it is really and is not too sweet.The presentation is also quite nice and simple.Thought the price is abit to the high side, I believe there will still be supporter like me who loves their chocolate sundae.
After a nice simple meal here, my family and I decided to have some desserts.I have chosen their vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge coating on it.The ice cream is soft, smooth and the sweetness is just alright for me.The dark chocolate fudge topped on it goes very well with the soft ice cream and l also love those thinly sliced almond on it which give that extra crunchiness to it and make its appearance looks more colourful and taste delicious too!
Ordered for rose petal tea and it is poured into four small cups that they provided us. With this, my friend and I chit chatted happily over there and feeling very light & happy with this! They have different variety of tea flavours to choose from anyway. Their service is good too because we asked a few questions about the types of tea before we conclude we actually wants to drink this.Yes, good service, good day with the tea! (:
Having our late lunch dining at Bakerzin @My village in Serangoon Gardens. Brought the voucher online for the clayfish spagetti. It was served in quite a huge portion with 6pcs of halves clayfish. The noodles are up to standard, but it would be best if the clayfish are fresher. Frankly speaking, it will not be worth the usual price of $56 if not for the 1/2 priced voucher. We also add in a few bucks for a float and a choice of your cake. The cake tastes smooth and melt in your tongue with a pinch of chocolately and mint flavour. Not a bad place to hang out with friends for a good afternoon tea. Expect to pay a little bit more if you are dining a full course of meal there.
It\'s creme brulee! The appearence already score it\'s mark for the creme brulee, really pretty as you can see the surface of it! It is crystalized with brown sugar i guess. And when you start to use your spoon to scoop in, the warm eggy inside the tender and really good together with the right amount of sugar! Therefore overall taste is great, and not dry at all, plus there\'s fruits, so it tastes even better !
i lvoe the set meals which bakerzin came up with. it comes with the following: - main course - cake - sides (c - soup - bread and it is really filling, i specially love the mango cake they serve. the layer of mousse is damp and not too sweet. the main course is really big portion as well. there are many different variety of meal boxes as well. some of the sides are potato salad, while some are caesar salad.
This new york cheese cake looks like the usual cheese cake and the taste is also equally the same like it\'s appearance.The cheese cake is really compact and not too sweet.The Strawberry jams topped on it is abit diluted and not much strawberry fruits in it.Really don\'t like the biscuit base of it as it is not crispy and taste abit old.I believe other range of sliced cakes at Bakerzin may taste better than this.Definitely not my ideal cheese cake.
I have bought it during a gathering with my ex-classmates.The butter sponge cake is really light and not too oily.Love the lightly icing sugar spreaded on the cake which make the design nice and sweet.The mango flavour is not really strong and there are actually no sliced mango used on this mousse cake.The slice is not really big, which makes this piece of cake quite expensive.Forturnately the environment of this cafe is spacious and cooling, a relaxing place to have long chats with friends.Spending: Approximately SGD 7.50(Tea)
Bought this cake from Bakerzin to celebrate one of my friend\'s birthday. Well it might be a little bit pricey, but this cake is definitely worth the price This cake must be refrigerated, otherwise it will become soft. Anyway still love this because of the not too sweet strawberries toppings. Love this so much Also the cheesecake is yummy.
Dinner @ Northpoint\'s Bakerzin - it wasn\'t really crowded for a dinner time... guess maybe ppl only come here after dinner for some desserts... ordered the Spicy Tuna Pasta, Spaghetti was good, didnt expect the pasta is topped with deep fried mini shrimps because the waitress did not highlight to me it comes with shrimps, was a bit upset because i don\'t really take shrimps.... and the menu should have clearly indicated that it contain shrimps (some ppl are allergy to shrimp) overall taste quite ok, $12.90++) Grilled Cod Fish with Mashed Potatoes (Portion of Cod fish is really small and taste quite ok only because it taste like it is over-grilled, but personally feel that it is too overprice although it is BakerZin! $16.80++) Irish Bailey Cream Soufflé, we ordered this after our menu since we don\'t feel full after the main course. anyway it Taste great, although the souffle seems to be a little smaller than before... it cost below $10 with the same amount of money... i believe i can find something better to fill up my stomach.
This is called "Sweet Pleasure!". I like the appearance of the cake because it looks classy and indeed it tastes like it too! The first mouth i felt it taste like Kinder Bueno chocolate because there\'s hazelnut cream and there\'s milk chocolate ganache with fleur de sel together with chocolate mousse. The overall taste is unique because of the ganache at different layers! (:
Famous for its desserts,bakerzin is the perfect place to hang out if you want to chill with your fellow colleagues or friends!Signature bakerzin specialty dessert! A perfect combination of bananas, nuts and strawberries. Any flavor of ice-cream is compatible with it! (: chose: rum, traditional vanilla & cheese
Set dinner from Bakerzin..C/w pasta with fish, soup of the day & garlic breads, cake of the day n salad.. Food is quite nice and nice setting. service is not so good as we have to keep on asking the waitress for our food (perk hours-dinner). missed out 1 of our order. Avoid dinner time...
Went to Bakerzin on last week to help one of my best friends to celebrate her birthday.I had pre-ordered a size M New york Cheesecake for her.Basically, it is a cream cheesecake coated with a tangy strawberry glaze and dotted with seasonal strawberries.It is very yummy because the cheesecake has a strong strawberry smell. The place is quite ambience, the lightning there is bright enough too.
Bakerzin is now running a promotion for a range of pastries studded with Korean strawberries and so far, we\'ve tried several delicious creations which are light with only a hint of sweetness to titillate our tastebuds. The strawberry cream pie ($6.50) comes topped with raspberries and blueberries with the creaminess just the right consistency. It is nice to go and try.
It’s really good to sit down in a cosy restaurant and enjoy a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. In a very relax ambience, it gives me memories of the past. The soft and light strawberry shortcake is very traditional, still simple and not influenced by the increasing need to be creative. Very tasty!
This is one interesting dessert. The chocolate profiteral is actually a croissant like puff topped with almond bits, topped with chocolate syrup and a vanilla ice cream in the middle of it all. The bread is soft on the inside, but takes some effort to slice through it. Patience is needed to finish this dish neatly
I\'m usually not a fan of chocolate mousses, but Bakerzin\'s Chocolate Amer is a fine exception. The dark chocolate mousse is sweetened just right and is rich without being overly heavy. Layers of soft, moist flourless chocolate cake provide great textural contrast. This cake is definitely one that chocoholics must not miss out on!
As I bought the $10 Bakerzin voucher, we decided to go there for tea and made our first order of a dessert – Lava Cake. A woman who came in to pick up her cake left rather angrily after the staff messed up her order. After view the menu for 20 minutes, a waitress comes by to ask us "So are you ready for your order?" We told her we were waiting someone to take our order. Okay, so it turned out we\'d been waiting 20 minutes for absolutely NOTHING, but the waitress came by to offer her most humblest apologies for us waiting, so we decided to wait some more. The dessert platter did arrive in the end, but we were not compensated for anything, and had to endure the supervisor admonishing her staff in full view of the customers. I don’t know whether they are absolute busy or what, the service is bad.
Went there for dinner with colleague. After go through the menu, I decided to order Dory Fillet Pasta and Grape Soda. The way the food was arranged was appetizing just by looking at it. First bite, the pasta was a bit salty. I found that tomato sauce was too cheesy. The noodle was quite chewy and not too soggy. The dory fillet was disappointed. It was dry, a bit oily and little bit hard. The salad was good. The combination of vege and sauce was good, its a bit sour and just nice. The chocolate cake was quite good. It was rich and creamy. The grape soda was average. I can\'t really taste the grape flavor. Overall, the food was average.
ordered my girlfriend\'s favourite agilo olio set to share with her and she was excited when she saw the cake of the day was tiramisu which was her favourite cake. i am not a salad person but somehow the raspberry sauce kind of make the vegetables tasted better. the agilo oilo was also not bad and the portion was quite generous. the bread was also nice and it was toasted till crispy so it felt as if i was eating a biscuit and it tasted nice when dipped into the creamy soup i guess among all the dishes in the menu, the set meals are definitely the most value for money
Bakerzin is quite well known for its tiramisu cake, which made this the natural choice of cake for me when I went there last weekend. I liked Bakerzin\'s tiramisu since it has a thicker layer of cake to balance the layers of mascarpone cheese and cream. The coffee flavour was also well balanced, it is not overly strong. However, as I quite like liquor infused cakes, I felt that the liquor taste in the tiramisu was too subtle. I preferred a stronger tasting liquor cake. Otherwise, this would definitely be one of the better tiramisu cakes that I have tried.
I liked both Tiramisu and Chocolate Amer Cakes! Tiramisu is made from mascarpone cheese and also you can taste the finger sponge below as there are many layers till you able to taste it. There is also espresso taste with brandy and white rum! So you there\'s alot of layer whereby you can slowly enjoy the pleasure!Whereas for Chocolate Amer it\'s more for dark chocolate lover because it doesn\'t taste very sweet and there is mousse on it, no sponge at all! (: that is why i like! This is how it looks like when you takeaway!
went down to bakerzin for dinner sometime ago and that day i saw quite afew customers ordered the burger set so i decided to get one to try out for myself. the burger was actually somewhat smaller than i thought and the patty was not really big but it was quite juicy. the potato salad was also not bad and it goes well with the burger. but as usual, this outlet is still severely under staff and we had to wait very long for our food
It was a happy day for my family as we just went to USS. Everyone was in high spirits so my dad decided to treat all of us at Bakerzin. It was dinner-time, a long queue and so we waited for quite a while. Finally it was our turn to be seated. Browsed thru the menu and decided to order their set meal. Everyone decided to order their set meal too as it came with a variety of items, except my dad, who was vegetarian and could only settle for a tomato olive pizza. The set came in a tray, with a tomato soup, salad, a slice of chocolate cake, bread and also the main dish. My main course was bacon cabonara, and it was really nice! My mum thought the portion was very small though; my brother gobbled up his dory fillet spaghetti in just 5mins. However, portion was just right for my small appetite. The noodles were cooked to the right consistency, though there were too little bacon. Tried my brother\'s dory fillet and it was really soft, quite worth it as the portion of the fish was quite big. The tomato soup was very sour, too sour to my liking. In the end, I only drank 3 tablespoonfuls of it, before I passed it to my brother, who surprisingly, likes it (he hates veggies). For the salad, the veggies were really fresh, but the taste was just acceptable. Portion was really tiny though. The chocolate cake was the best among all. It was oh-so-soft like it melts in your mouth. There were chocolate bits in the cream which goes really well tgt with the cake. My brother kept asking whether I still wanted my cake when I was only half-way through. Lastly, the bread. It was really hard, and I dipped it in my soup to eat. However, it was still hard so I didnt eat the rest after a bite. Overall, taste is acceptable for the cake and main course, but the salad, soup and bread wasnt that nice.
my favourite bakerzin outlet cause is easier to find seats here during normal days compared to other town outlets and there is free flow of bread! that may sound cheapo but hey, the breads are nice so is worth to sound cheapo. Compared to the last time i ate, the bread variety seem to be lesser but it still has my favourite walnut loaf! as for main course, i prefer pasta especially agilo oilo
Called the branch outlet to check if there\'s the particular flavour there before i go down to collect. So they promise and place my order so i can collect when i reach! It was for Mother\'s Day and my mummy is very particular about the texture and taste of cakes, as she is a not a sweet lover, so she prefer something dark in taste. And not only that, she does not like sponge cakes. So i chose Bakerzin cake! This cake that is shown as different layer of taste, it\'s very special, this has a little bit of alcohol anyway! haha! for interesting taste! Of course there are so many other flavours over there, you can just purchase different small pieces of cake before deciding which big cake do you want to get on the day! (: They have good service there, serve people fast!!
I \'discovered\' this gem by accident since my friend was the one who had ordered this and i just took a little of hers to taste. After tasting it, I couldnt help but to order the oreo cheesecake for myself as well, because it is really one of the better ones that I have ever tasted. The cheesecake is creamy and rich but the cheese flavour is also not too overwhelming such that you feel a little jialat. The oreo also adds a chocolately flavour to the creamy cheesecake which is a very nice contrast. They have other cheesecakes like the raspberry cheesecake as well. I am looking forward to trying it on my next visit!
This is a memorable dining moment for me because… We had been to our friends place for their sons birthday last year and there they bought this really yummy Birthday cake from Bakerzin at Tampines 1. The cake was nice, soft and creamy and it just melted in the mouth. Best cake eaten so far! All the kids just kept licking their fingers and asking for a second helping of the cake. Till now I can still feel the taste of that yummy cake in my mouth
Went there with friend for dinner. We decided to order Teriyaki Chicken Pizza and Tiramisu Cafe and share together. First time trying this pizza, I found it not bad. The teriyaki chicken was juicy and tender. I like the sauce, not too salty and really goes well with the pizza. Other than that, the crust was thin and crispy and their generous amount of cheese and toppings just make it perfect. The main thing was the pizza was not really hot. When the coffee was served, I can smell the wonderful aroma of the exotic coffee bean. First sip, it was good. It have very rich and sweet cappuccino flavor. Service wise, not bad. Overall, the food here was great.Spending: Approximately SGD 25.00(Dinner)
More 4-5 years my friend had been a loyal supporter for bakerzin\'s new yoke cheesecake. It has been her birthday cake for all these years and everyone who eats it falls in love with it, including myself! I like the strawberry jelly and cheese combo as its not too sweet or cheesy, so you dont find it overly cheese. The texture of the cake is also good and solid, and the body is not too creamy or too flaky.
i won a free pizza from their contest.. quite some time ago.. hence i had that for dinner with a friend of mine.. this is the first time i tried such pizza with ham.. fresh vege and cheese.. well this stuff must be shared.. less you can finish the whole thing.. as for me.. i prefer to share.. the crust were thin and crispy.. slight salty for the ham.. but great texture and taste~!
This new Chinese New Year product is beautifully packed in a pink box with cream ribbons. Each box cost $19.80 & has 20 individual wrapped Yuan Bao shaped pineapple tart. The pineapple filling is imported from Taiwan.I like the Yuan Bao shaped which is auspicious for Chinese New Year as it means wishing wealth & prosperity to the receiver. The tart is beautifully baked to golden brown & I like that the generous pineapple filling has the right balance o f sweetness and not sour. I also like that it is individually wrapped for freshness and easy to keep in the beautiful box. Highly recommended and will order more to giveaway as gift next Chinese New Year as price is less than $20. Worked out to less than $1 a piece. You get 10% discount with DBS card. Note the price is before GST.
Knowing that my sons love Bakerzin\'s macarons, I decided to get some for them since it has been quite a while since our family ate it. I got a variety of flavours to make it up to six so that it is given to me in a pretty box. I particularly loved the scarlet macaron since the fragrance of the strawberry flavour is very nice and light without being too overpowering. It is very complementary to the vanilla taste. I did not try the chocolate, but my sons verdict is that the chocolate one is the best. Perhaps I will get more chocolate ones next time.
http://thechosenglutton.wordpress.com/2011/09/30/bakerzin-sin/ Yes I have committed a sin – it’s like a cheaper addiction of Marche / Medzs. It costs $20/year to be a member of their, well, sin. I must say that it’s totally worth the while – they have vouchers like free desserts (of course, except the Dessert Box), free coffee, free Warm Chocolate Cake on your birthday month, free 6 x macarons etc. Also, 10% off on all meals (except Meal Boxes), and 20% off on your birthday month. Discount’s applicable for buying macarons off the shelf too, so I must say, the membership is of good value if you frequent the restaurant. They adopt, a very timeworn feeling on the menu – made of paper-like material, but still with warm colors, I like it. I guess they’ve fulfilled what they want for their menu – ‘Visual Memories’.Baked Chicken Wings ($8.90++) :: First bite in and I thought, ‘this tastes so much like those I’ve had at the coffeeshop at East Coast Park’. I quite like it, and it’s worth the money. Quantity and quality both satisfied.Creamy Mushroom Linguine ($11.90++) :: Firstly, this course is very creamy. Secondly, it’s very mushroom-y. And by very, I mean, very. So if you are both a fan of creamy pasta and mushrooms, this is so for you. I adore it.
My friend ordered this carbonara spaghetti from Bakerzin. There are few types of pasta for you to choose. I’ve always been a fan of creamy pasta so for sure, my friend will share with me. The creamy smell from this meal set is very strong, even before they served, i could smell it. The overall presentation is elegant and neat. The pasta creamy sauce is delicious but the bacon is extremely salty. It will be quite bored to finish the whole pasta alone. It\'s good to end your meal with dessert and have a beautiful ending!
Green tea macarons is still my family\'s favourite although they offer many other different flavours. At times when we didn\'t really want to go for sweets,my friend would still insist and would just buy a piece and when there\'s a craving,we would order 10 pieces of green tea flavours for take aways. Whether you have it taken away or dining in the restaurant,Bakerzin is also a good place to chill out as the sofas,table settings and lightings are very comfortable and cosy.
my favourite dish from bakerzin is definitely the bacon and ham aglio oilo. i first tried this dish when i ordered the meal box set and since then it is the dish that i will always eat. as usual the pasta is quite oily because it was stir fry in oil but i think it bring out the meat flavour even more. however, there is one serious thing that this outlet need to improve on is the manpower. i always had to wait very long before the waitress took notice of me and ask me to wait outside while they clear the table. this outlet has quite good business especially on weekend and i only saw about 3 waiter/waitress in the store running around so naturally we had to wait very long before we can be served
raisins. walnut. Bought this fruit cake for a christmas party. It was quite wholesome with lots of raisins and nuts in it. The nuts included cashew nuts and walnuts. The cake texture was good, although I put it in the fridge for a few days, it still tasted good. The cake was not too heavy or rich. It was presented in a nice box for the Christmas period and is perfect for a gift.
Christmas to me is like another Valentine’s day to me; chocolates should roam wherever I go. Went to bakerzin to get my fix of chocolate wholesome goodness. Presentation wise, the many leaves of the mint make it kind of weird on top of the vanilla ice cream, machiam like a coconut tree like that. The raspberry sauce was plentiful and unusually fat but the tangy taste is much appreciated. Once through the cake, the chocolate was oozing and the mix of warm and cold is oh so heavenly.
Met here for a short project meeting with my group mates, and since they had called for a meeting on my birthday () they felt guilty and got me a mini Lemon Flan. I must say, it tasted pretty good, but maybe that\'s because i like the tart taste of lemon in general. The texture of the meringue, on the other hand, was a bit softer than I would have preferred. That aside, I thought that it was pretty nice of the staff to throw in a candle too.
As my friend had a $10 Bakerzin voucher, we decided to go there for tea and made our first order of a dessert platter. A woman who came in to pick up her cake left rather angrily after the staff messed up her order. ...Fast forward 20 minutes... A waitress comes by to ask us "So are you ready for your order?" We told her we were waiting for our order to arrive. She checked and told us that the order was not reflected in the system at all. ... Okay, so it turned out we\'d been waiting 20 minutes for absolutely NOTHING, but the waitress came by to offer her most humblest apologies for us waiting, so we decided to wait some more. Ordered a cookies and cream cheesecake to while the time away.The dessert platter did arrive in the end, but we were not compensated for anything, and had to endure the supervisor admonishing her staff in full view of the customers. Number 2 rule in customer service and PR - Never, ever, scold your employees in front of customers. Like others, it will be my last visit to this outlet.
In my opinion, one of the consistent commercial restaurants to have a decent desert; at Bakerzin of course. Got a creme brulee to satisfy my sweet tooth and boy oh boy did it treat me good. Sweet and crisp on the top, so soft inside, it’s a sweet wonderful sin indeed.
Signature bakerzin specialty dessert! A perfect combination of bananas, nuts and strawberries. Any flavor of ice-cream is compatible with it! (: chose: rum, traditional vanilla & cheeseWent on a rainy, gloomy afternoon to perk up. The staff were very friendly and smiley. I got my food in a timely manner (maybe I had nowhere else to go on a rainy day and had all the time in the world to wait). I had the Black Forest dessert and an Apple Tart thing.
Went to get the whole Chocolate Amer cake. Must say it definitely deserves to be one of the Top 50 cakes in Singapore. It is just so awesome! It\'s not sickly rich, and not sickly sweet. It is PERFECT! It\'s flourless too! The service is terrible. No one is serving anyone. The staff just sit around giggling with each other. I stood there, in plain sight, for a really long time before someone came to say "can I help you?" But if we\'re only talking about the cake, the Chocolate Amer is one of the best chocolate cakes I\'ve ever tasted. Best served at room temperature - not chilled.
Went on a rainy, gloomy afternoon to perk up. The staff were very friendly and smiley. I got my food in a timely manner (maybe I had nowhere else to go on a rainy day and had all the time in the world to wait). I had the Black Forest dessert and an Apple Tart thing. Black Forest dessert - the cherries were overdrowned in kirsch (or some kind of alcohol). It had a bitter note. The chocolate ice cream that was served with it melted within seconds, meaning that the ice cream was a watered-down version of frozen chocolate milk. Real ice cream made of real cream do not melt that quickly! I choked down the bitter cherries by mixing it with the watery chocolate ice cream. The brownies in the dish were alright - not dry not mushy. The meringue sticks were tasteless. This entire dessert was served on a flat plate. So, before I could dig in with a second bite, the ice cream had run all round the plate and threatened to overflow on to the table. Apple Tart - the chef apparently had to bake the hard prata disc thing that formed the base of the dessert. The apples on top were nicely stewed but lacked taste. It needed something like more cinnamon and spice. The ball of vanilla ice cream helped wash everything down. The vanilla ice cream on the Apple Tart didn\'t melt half as fast as the chocolate ice cream on the Black Forest, although the vanilla ice cream was served on top of the hot apples. Was looking forward to trying the profiteroles, but they had sold out. It\'s really bad management when a restaurant runs out of what\'s on the menu by lunch time. It\'s annoying for the customer who has to settle for something else. No one came to refill my cup of water either. At about $10 per plate of dessert, I was really hoping for better quality food. Definitely room for improvement!
Celebrated my mum\'s birthday over lunch at this outlet. Ordered the aglio olio meal box at $18.90 which comes with a drink and a cake and i think it is value for money especially when my mum who is having her birthday enjoyed her meal. I had the pear salad at $7.90 and 2 pumpkin soups at $5.90 each bowl. The pear salad is disappointing as i don\'t really like the sauces and i think it\'s really nothinh special but the pumpkin soup is very tasty that i had 2 bowls. Overall,spend $46 for 2 paxs and i think it\'s still value for money with the nice atmosphere and services and the free toasted bread with olive oil that we can help ourselves bu toasting the breads.
Came here with my girlfriends on a Friday evening and we were greeted by slow service. We stood in the middle of the walkway for 5 minutes, looking in at a half filled cafe, waiting to be served. We were not greeted with a smile, didn\'t feel welcome at the restaurant at all. I ordered macarons & souffles! And my oh my, I couldn\'t say anything. I was really disappointed. The macarons are the usual kind I find in Singapore is just way too sweet.. We also opted for the Jivara tart. The tart looked like it was arrenged in a hurry. Does not create an appetite at all. Bakerzin in Paragon will be my first and also my last. It is just too sad to say that.
My sister and me went for tea time at Bakezin. We ordered cafe latte and Assam tea. Look at their cafe latte. Very cool and have different layers and colours. Taste great too with own adjustment of sugar level. Their Assam tea taste the fragrance of tea. Not much different from other tea but i heard assam tea is good to disolve fat and good for digestion.
This is ham and mushroom pizza from Bakerzin. I am a mushroom lover. I like the pizza because it is crunchy and tasty. but the ham i find it slight salty. The vegetable salad served in quite a large portion. Fresh and crunchy. I like the dressing, the sauce taste sweet and mix well with the salad.
They grab your attention when you pass by the shop as they are so colourful and cute. The display is very different to other macaron shops. Other places lay their macarons carefully, as if they were delicate egg shells. The ones at Bakerzin just simply dump all their macarons in a mess according to colour! This causes cracks and crumbles in the macarons. When I tasted the macarons, I realised why they are so careless with their macarons! Because it tasted horrible! Total waste of money! Macarons is NOT Bakerzin\'s forte and they should abandon this idea as they can\'t make any good ones! The sizes are wrong, the shells are wrong, the fillings are wrong. They need to relearn how to make and treat macarons before selling them!
A one perfect word to describe the cakes in Bakerzin – YUMS! I have been a fan of the yummy cakes in Bakerzin as they have a variety of flavours and assorted designs. The quality and taste of the cakes are awesome too. It was my friend’s birthday and I bought her a cake to celebrate her birthday. She enjoyed the cake and shared the same sentiments of Bakerzin’s cakes. The service staff was friendly when taking our orders and serving us. We had tea and coffee too to compliment the cake. The aroma of the tea was soothing. Ambience is nice and I would recommend it a good hangout for chilling session.
Bakerzin’s signature, warm chocolate cake. A birthday cake for my sister-in-law. The chocolate ooze out like lava erupting from volcano.The chemical process between combination of warm chocalate cake and cold ice cream was magic. The cake is moist and easy to swallow. i like the whole decoration. Very colourful. The fruits for decoration: strawberry, raspberry and bluberry, not only colourful, but also fresh to eat.
The service charge fee was not worth the service they provide. However it is okay, since I still had fairly delicious tiramisu and chocolate cake. To end off, my friends and I had the warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. It is really super rich and creamy. Luckily we only order one and shared among the 3 of us, if not we won\'t be able to stomach the cake. The price is quite expensive especially for only a small cake. I will not be visiting Bakerzin anytime soon, especially the United Square outlet.
Lunch at Jurong Point Bakerzin. I always been a lover of their cakes. At some occasions, I will eat meals because of its unique taste. Ordered the spicy bloody mary, which is tomato soup. The tomato soup taste nice. The soup was pretty thick and there is a sweet and sour taste from the tomato. Also, the pepper amount was alright to make the soup slightly spicy. Japanese Curry Chicken rice (~S$13.50). The meat, tomato and potato were well cooked. However, I did not like this dish. The chicken and curry was separated. It means they cooked it separately, it tastes like two different dishes. Baked shell seafood with macaroni (S$16.90).It has two big clam, some red/yellow peppers, sliced prawns, sliced squid, macaroni and covered with tons of cheese. The macaroni was dry from the oven baked. The clams and prawns have some moisture retained. The cheese mixed with the seafood eaten together tastes pretty nice. There is a 10% discount using DBS cards.
There was a short queue during dinner time, despite that it was a weekday. The queue took quite a while and we were starving by the time we got a table. I ordered the mushroom bacon linguine and a chocolate souffle. The pasta was nicely done, bacon taste was very strong and got a little overpowering towards the end. It was pretty salty too. This is my first time trying the chocolate souffle from Bakerzin. The souffle has risen up nicely. Very soft and fluffy and chocolatey. It comes with a scoop of ice cream, which tastes delicious together with the warm souffle.
First time trying their cake, not bad. We ordered Warm chocolate cake and Ham, bacon & mushroom flaky pizza. It like the combination of dark chocolate and orange and the portion was big. It was delicious. Not overly sweet, the dark chocolate taste was good and not too bitter. I can still tasted the orange flavor. The pizza was with popular ingredients like ham, bacon and mushroom, I guess nothing can go wrong with the Pizza. Mozzarella cheese spread on thin crispy pizza and the serving is pretty decent.
When a food establishment has been around so long like Bakerzin, you would expect them to constantly improve and invent to cater to the fickle tastebuds of the food masses.They do have tried and tested recipes like their macarons and souffles but their savoury items are a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. Desserts has been maintained at a constant quality and taste to please sweet-toothed customers and the following cakes reviewed attest to that. The Strawberry Shortcake that I had was very soft, fluffy, light and well-presented.A pleasant prelude to a dinner that will follow some hours later.The Mango Mousse, though it tasted ok, was a bit \'tough\' in texture.I think they overdid the gelatine that day.The top layer of cake was a bit hard to slice through so it was an exercise eating the cake in a neat manner.
Decided to have some dinner so I went to Bakerzin with my friend..Sadly,my friend only wanted to have coffee so I just ordered a colossal profiterole for myself.It looked really small in the menu so I thought i\'ll be able to finish it but when it came,i got a shock!It was really colossal!!!BUT let me tell you,it tasted SO GOOD. Still couldn\'t finish it by myself though.Had to ask my friend to help me out abit.hehe
Bought a voucher on one of the deals website for a bakerzin meal. I tried the spicy tuna spaghetti and it was gooood! Not too spicy, but just enough to leave you craving for more. Their raspberry cheesecake is awesome too! Not too thick, just right for those who cant take too cheesy stuff.Had a satisfying and filling meal at Bakerzin
It’s a piece of art. Lovely desserts placed together. It’s amazing! Warm chocolate cake, ice-cream, waffles, macaroon and a slice of cheesecake. Wow! It’s simply delicious (sinful too. oppss...). The warm chocolate cake is addictive. Very rich. It’s a must try! Their mango passion sorbet too! A little sour and a good mix of flavours from the fruits added. The rum and raisin ice-cream is a little disappointing though. Their waffles taste special. I guessed they fried it? It’s a good try. As for their cheesecake, it’s not the best option around but still worth a try. Tried the soufflé too. Fuffly and soft with espresso vanilla sauce to enhance the taste. Delicious! Their desserts are really good! Had the creamy mushroom linguini too. It didn’t disappoint me! The cream sauce enhanced the taste of mushroom. Rich and creamy yet not too heavy in taste. Simple in appearance yet giving a high level of satisfaction. Try it for yourself! Great service to round up the whole meal! Highly recommended!
Bakerzin is known for its awesome desserts such as chocolate souffle, creme brulee, cheesecake and all sorts. However, during their one-for-one promotion, I went there and tried their pasta, which proved to be really good! I tried the dory fish pasta, and the cheese on top of the fish was so good, and the pasta was cooked al dente I love the fact that they offer free flow of their artisan breads, have a cool toaster that you can toast the slices in, and provide great balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip into
I love the oreo cheesecake at Bakerzin. The cake is just so nice especially when you\'re a cheesecake lover! Nothing beats the oreo cheesecake from bakerzin. Some people who might find cheesecake quite sick after a while, should try bakerzin\'s cheesecake as it\'s not as thick and with the mixture of oreo, it\'s just so heavenly! Other than that, the staffs there are very friendly. The service they provided is good and waiting time is not long! Quality services and quality food! Just like many other restaurants, the cake will be around 7 dollars after gst and service charge. A bit pricey for me because i\'m still a student but i\'d still go for more!
too many desserts to choose! you should get it too! not just dessert but main course as well from chocolates.. ice cream.. cakes.. fruits seafood and more not too sweet.. and it taste great! there are promotions on all the outlets.. you should take the chance for those promotion! i tried it.. have you? sorry i am not able to post all the photos as max its 8 here
Recently for the just ended mooncake festival, my fmaily got a box of snowskin mooncakes from Bakerzin, which is the Heavenly Collection. This collection consists of four flavours, Brandied Cherries Truffle Snow Skin, Pink Champagne Truffle Snow Skin, Rum & Raisin Truffle Snow Skin and Whisky Truffle Snow Skin. What I don\'t like is that they did not label their mooncakes. Although it is obvious the pink mooncake is the pink champagne and the purple one most probably the brandied cherries, it is really not obvious for the rum and raisin and whisky mooncakes, since the other two flavours have white snowskin. Anyway, that aside, I enjoyed the wine inflused chocolate within each mooncake very much. The liquer chocolate are really done just right. However, I though the lotus paste was far too sweet, given that the chocolate is already sweet. Also, the snowskin has an artifical taste which I had not experienced with the snowskins from other brands. Overall, I think I am better off buying a liquer flavoured chocolate, since that is the only thing I enjoyed fromtheir mooncakes.
It was my first time dining in at Bakerzin. The restaurant was very crowded while I was here during a weekend for lunch. The restaurant is not very spacious. We waited for quite a while before one of the waitress came to us to tell us that there is a table ready for us. I ordered the set meal, which comes with a main course, soup, salad, dessert and drink. The soup of the day was tomato soup, which I did not like it very much. The dessert was the best of all. Smooth chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate sponge cake. Simply delicious!
Green tea macarons is still my family\'s favourite although they offer many other different flavours. At times when we didn\'t really want to go for sweets,my daughter would still insist and would just buy a piece and when there\'s a craving,we would order 10 pieces of green tea flavours for take aways. Whether you have it taken away or dining in the restaurant,Bakerzin is also a good place to chill out as the sofas,table settings and lightings are very comfortable and cosy.
My sister ordered this set of carbonara meal box from Bakerzin. There are few types of pasta for you to choose. I’ve always been a fan of creamy pasta so for sure, my sister will share with me. The creamy smell from this meal set is very strong, even before they served, i could smell it. The overall presentation is elegant and neat. Their salad is fresh and the sauce is slightly sweet which is quite different from others. I don\'t really like their spicy tomato soup but too bad, it is soup of the day. Their bread is fresh and served with butter. The pasta creamy sauce is delicious but the bacon is extremely salty. It will be quite bored to finish the whole pasta alone. It\'s good to end your meal with dessert and have a beautiful ending!
Went there to celebrate my friend’s birthday. I ordered an ice cream with strawberry sauce and a macaroon. Forgot the exact name. The macaroon was too sweet to my liking. As for the ice-cream, it’s just normal ice-cream? Nope, not really. The strawberry sauce did gain alot of marks! Very appetising and tasty. The biscuit crumbs added also improved it’s texture. Apart from the smooth ice-cream, there’s also something crunchy to bite. The price is reasonable especially when we had a 50% voucher. Recommended!
Chicken wings from Bakerzin. For chicken wings lover, you can\'t miss it! Before you eat, please squeeze some lime juice over. I like this chicken wing as it is well marinated but not too salty. Their meat is tender and not over cooled. It is good to eat with their special chilli sauce. So you can taste something sweet, salty, sour and spicy! I like the presentation as they display it on a frying pan. There is a piece of paper put under the chicken wings to absorb the oil, which i think is a very good idea.
This is the second year we bought the snowskin mooncakes from Bakerzin;D I super love the heavenly collection which includes four flavours : Whisky Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake Pink Champagne Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake Rum & Raisin Truffle Snow Skin Mooncake Brandied Cherries Truffle Snow Skin MooncakeThe snowskin is soft and not too thick, and it is not very sweet so we won’t get sick of it What I love most about this collection is that there is a round filling in the middle of each piece, outer coated with white chocolate, and the inner contains the truffle that has the flavour of each different wine flavours;D It is simply too nice and irresistible…just like its name, HEAVENLY;D Although the price may be slightly higher, every year we would buy this collection^^
I\'m a fans of Bakerzin Especially their Dessert It might be abit expensive but definitely worth it This time we ordered Strawberry shortcake Strawberry was abit sour,But the cake was abit sweet so it balance well i definitely go for their dessert again !!
i always like mooncake festival, always can taste all kinds of delicious mooncake and see how creative companies can be to package their mooncakes. this year, i decided to try bakerzin mooncakes, their snow skin was indeed appealing. the pattern on the moon cake was also so cute, a little rabbit. i bought their alcohol series as many of my classmates strongly recommended it. i prefer to buy from the shop itself as i feel that their storage facilities for the mooncakes are way better than the booths\' kind. the mooncake tasted really good, not too sweet. the alcoholic taste was not too overpowering as well!
This year, I try the bakezin truffle mooncake. It is awesome! It come with 4 kind of flavor- Brandied Cherries Truffle Snow Skin / Pink Champagne Truffle Snow Skin / Rum & Raisin Truffle Snow Skin / Whisky Truffle Snow Skin with 2 rabbit printed in the mooncake skin. The mooncake isn\'t too sweet and it melt inside my mouth. The taste of the wine linger in my tongue. You will always never get enough of the mooncake.
Had the fish set at$26.90++. 2 pieces of fried fishes (fish name is written in menu but i cant remember and i also don\'t know what type of fish i\'m eating) served with softly cooked califlowers, carrots and wripped potatoes - all very tasty Side green salad consists of lettures and small tomatos-no salad sauce. Soup of the day is a spicy tomatoes based mixed with i think tabasco and the soup taste spicy and sour. 2 pieces of sliced breads with butters A piece of chocolate mousse cake very rich and creamy. All the above are served in a set box like in japanese restauarnt we call bento box. Comes with choice of soft drinks and i choice the peach tea which taste exactly like F&N peach tea.
Ordered a mushroom soup at $5.90 and they only have 3 soup selection in the menu. Thick blend of mushrooms puree,very rich and creamy like those served in Soupspoon but i prefer the taste here than the other restaurants.
Had the lamb pasta set at$26.90++. Very juicy cubes of well marinated lamb cooked just right texture served with pasta. Side green salad consists of lettures and small tomatos-no salad sauce. Soup of the day is a spicy tomatoes based mixed with i think tabasco and the soup taste spicy and sour. 2 pieces of sliced breads with butters A piece of chocolate mousse cake very rich and creamy. All the above are served in a set box like in japanese restauarnt we call bento box. Comes with choice of soft drinks and i choice the fanta grapes but it\'s not those ready made from F&N but rather their own mixtures as you can see the separation of soda and syrup.
Ordered a Caesars Salad at $9.90++ Very crisp Romaine lettures with 2 pieces of good looking half boiled eggs(because the white are bright white and the yokes are bright yellow),some shredded cheese,bacon bits,big pieces of bread croutons mixed in caesars salad dressing. Overall the salad is good but i would prefer small croutons instead of those big bread croutons.
It was my best friends birthday. I was panicking to get my friend a birthday cake at the last minute. I was browsing every single cake shop till I drop by Bakerzin as the cake was more presentable and sold at a reasonable price.I bought strawberry shortcake, however the purchasing experience was not really good. I ask the lady which cake is the most popular she practically pointed every single cake on the display, and she even gave me the wrong change( 5 cents is still money). Nevertheless, the sponge of the cake was really light and spongy and with layers of strawberry in between. I and my friend enjoyed the cake a lot.
their cakes r really rich and nice.. i think the set meals haf the best deals coz is a full course meal... i like the aglio oili with bacon best...
Strawberry cheese cake On top there is strawberry agar coating so make it jellish and more attractive. The strawberries were fresh and big, sweet with a tinge of sourness. The cheese cake base is soft and spongy and moist and fluffy and full with cheese flavour. It was indeed a nice birthday celebration with a nice cake with us. Next time I would like to try their macarons. Heard that it was not bad. The service of the staff is also much more better than the Yishun Northpoint outlet.
After dinner desert was a strawberry strudel from bakerzin. yummy. Didn\'t feel like having the usual cakes there so ordered something different. At 1st i thought the taste would be the same as the 1 selling at ritz strudel but however after you tasted it, it feels different. the strawberries are fresh and when you bite the top layer, it gives you that crunchy feeling instead of the soft soft type... Overall its a good choice made and definitely i\'ll order this desert again if i\'m going back to bakerzin for deserts.
If you\'re a cheesecake lover, you must try the cheesecake @ bakerzin. Especially their strawberry cheesecake. Sometimes, the cheesecake is too strong and you get sick after awhile however the cheesecake at bakerzin is very nice and appetizing! Other than that, the macarons there are also very tasty! They have a wide range of flavours for their macarons in bakerzin. It\'s the perfect gift for your friend / girlfriend during annivasary or birthday! The environment of the restaurant is very quiet and peaceful. Good place to study and to hold small meeting with your colleagues. Perfect to meetup with your friends as well! Spending: Approximately SGD 7(Other)
From top to bottom: Can\'t remember the first one, Sweet Pleasure, Oreo Cheesecake. I personally favour the Oreo Cheesecake, it is not too cheesy just perfect with the Oreo. The Sweet Pleasure is really a pleasure too, it taste like ferrero rocher. I had the flat white, perfectly nice without any sugar added.It is love sweet, love life at Bakerzin.
i am not really a fan rich cheesecake, so when my friends suggested we head to bakerzin to sit and chill, i was not so excited. i ordered their oreo cheesecake, it was kind of cheesy. but nevertheless, it did taste really good. one of the nicer cheesecakes i have eaten. i love the base the most, love the buttery taste of the base. the filling is very smooth with bits of oreo cookies. it is good to enjoy such delicious cheesecake with a group of good friends.
This was the first time I dined at bakerzin and was with my family We were all attracted to particular pages of the menu, which is the meal box. On average, each meal box cost about $15-$20 and all comes with drinks, soup and dessert of the day! We ordered the carbonara, dory fillet pasta, barramundi fish and teriyaki chicken meal box. The way the food was arranged in was appetizing just by looking at it. And I really like the taste of the food carbonara and the chocolate cake!
I’ve always been of the opinion that Bakerzin cakes and desserts look more appetizing than they taste. This time round, though macaroons we ordered were a disappointment (they were no longer crispy), our banana gelato cake was awesome (see picture). If you have a sweet tooth, do not leave bakerzin without trying it! As for the main courses, I ordered spaghetti. Portions were sufficient though it could have been a little less creamy.
Got the $10 for $20 worth of Bakerzin voucher from groupon and here we go to try on the food there. Have actually tried the cakes in Bakerzin before but this time round we decided to give a try on their meal box. This is what we ordered:Japanese Curry Chicken Each meal box includes a drink, a soup, cake of the day and the main dish, around $24 each set after service charge & GST.It is quite a big portion, but overall the quality is just average in my own opinion for the price range. If not for the Groupon voucher, probably it will be a bit overpriced to me. I would prefer to try on their cakes and pastries for Bakerzin.
Yes, I\'m one of those food wankers that goes cuckoo for macarons. A macaron is a variety of French petit four made from two halves of almond meringue with a filling (often a ganache) in the middle. What I love most about Bakerzin\'s macarons, apart from the inventive flavour combinations, is the texture. crunch on it, icrispy on the outside, chewy and moist on the inside.....irresistible! they have full range variety which is about 10 flavor and my favorite would be the chocolate & pistachio and it only cost SGD1.60 for one! so affordable!
i went to bakerzin with my children for some tea. They ordered their cakes while I ordered something savoury for myself. I ordered their wedges. Quite delicious. I like the service of this branch of bakerzin, the staffs were very polite and attentive. We also did not wait for long for our food to be served.
i went to bakerzin with my girlfriend for some delicious cakes. As we just ate our dinner, we ordered a slice to share. one thing about bakerzin’s cake is that it taste awesome. Most of their cakes melts in your mouth. it taste absolutely heavenly!
Had cakes with friends at bakerzin! the cakes is really not bad. Ordered cakes and nice place to slack and catch-up! Would come again next time!
I was craving for some strawberry flavored cake hence I decided to try out Bakerzin’s strawberry short cake as my birthday cake last year. Initially I am bothered about the considerable amount of cream on the cake as me and my family does not really like the taste of cakes with lots of cream around it. However, I’m surprised when we first took a taste of the cake. We actually liked it very much and the sweetness level was moderately added, not too sweet and we could taste the freshness of the generous strawberry topping. I\'m glad to say we really enjoyed it and I ordered the same cake from Bakerzin again for my birthday this year. Do try it! (:
actually i don\'t really like bakerzin i tried before their macaron ,tiramisu cakes & pasta i find that pasta was just so so,tiramisu cakes i ordered for my mum birthday it ordered during promotion time so costed less than $20 the tiramisu coffee smell was not strong enough with a lot of cream i don\'t like it i only go for their macaron their macaron was not as nice as Darcis but their chocolate macaron was not bad la there was one,they having promotion $1 for 1 macaron & i bought 25pieces to eat ^^ that\'s my highest record ,haha my malay friend told me that their macaton contain alcohol overall i rate 4/10 for their paste,cakes & 6/10 for chocolate macaron
i went for a delicious dessert at bakerzin. Theirbrulee is simply to die for. The custard under the delicious hard caramel is so rich is lingers in your mouth for a long time. It is very soft and smooth it simply glides down your throat. The hard caramel proves to be a contrast to the custard. Topped with delicious fresh fruits, it is indeed an indulgence.
After meal, we all have sweet tooth to crave for. So my family and i deciding to head to Bakerzin to buy some macarons!
My friend and I who was a real food lover and cake lover went to Bakerzin for some cakes after we get 30% cakes voucher from somewhere. We were so excited but then disappointed. First, the staff there were rude, showing unpolite face and tone when she told us that the shop opens at 11.30am. Just because we asked her whether the shop has opened. Secondly, the cakes was bad, below average standard. We expected much more than that. Would not patronised again. Chocolate Amer (Left) and Oreo Cheese Cake (Right) The chocolate amer was still okay, average, with rich chocolate flavour. But then the oreo cheese cake was not nice at all, tasted so normal like cheese cake without the taste of oreo.Tiramisu The cake has only a thin layer of cream cheese (i guess it\'s not mascorpone also) with a thick layer of cake base which is firm and not soft. The only thing i like is a tinge of bitterness of the coffee.
I love to dine in Bakerzin! I just simply like the pumpkin soup they served me! And can drink it together with the bread there. The bakerzin provide us free flow bread when I order a set meal. The thickness for the pumkin soup was just nice for me! love it!
This set meal come with dory fish with spaghetti, chocolate mousse cake, salad, tomato soup and free flow of bread. My favorite is walnut bread and I can eat as many as I want. The tomato soup taste like real tomato rather than artificial favouring. The dory fillet and spaghetti comes with tomato sauce which I find it repeat. The best part is, you will end this meal with a very super delicious yummy cake!
fantastic Royal roll ~ highly recommended to chocolate lover! This chocolate cake rolled with chocolate cream, crispy chocolate and chocolate bar. The chocolate cream is not too sweet and non greasy taste. This royal roll has got very rich texture- soft, crispy and solid. The price is reasonable and Bakerzin member got 10% discount.
I\'ve never had a good impression of Bakerzin\'s macarons, and my recent experience with them proved my suspicions. While they\'re are cheaper than most at $1.50 each, I wouldn\'t even buy them if they were going for $0.10. The shells were disappointingly dry and crumbly; and most of the macarons were so saccharine sweet, the flavors couldn\'t be discerned. The least atrocious of the lot would be the rose and the chocolate, but they still fared far below my expectation of a decent macaron.
I think this was during the period where they had a cupcake promotion at all their outlets. Each cupcake was going at an attractive price of $2.50 each. I had this Carrot Cupcake with lemon cream cheese. The carrot cake is dense and quite rich in flavour. I liked how the lemon cream cheese gives it a little sourish tang to the carrot cake which balances out the rich taste really well. This is important as I get a bit sick of the taste of normal carrot cakes after a while - but I finished every bit of this cupcake without any difficulty.
This cute, tiny little heart shape cake caught my attention when i passed by Bakerzin. Bakerzin has a tea-time special from 2-5pm at $8.90 with a choice of cake available and beverage. This chocolate mousse cake tastes nice and rich in chocolate, its not so sweet but just nice for me and when u eat till the middle that\'s a nuts at the base i guess its hazelnut. I love the combination with a piece of cake with a pot of TWG Rose tea. With the exceptional price and the unique taste of cake, i think i will pay a visit more often to Bakerzin.
I remember pondering over what to get for my mum for mother\'s day. And after walking for quite a while, i decided to get bakezin\'s cake for my mum. It looked so sweet! A heart shaped cake with sweet pink and their strawberries on the cake looked yummy! When we tried the cake, it tasted good indeeed! My mum loves it and we couldnt stop having the cake until we were too full. It was a nice mother\'s day celebration
I bought a Mango mousse cake for my friend\'s birthday celebration just last Saturday while we were celebrating her birthday at Centris. The cake has a thick layer of mango mousse sandwiched between two thin layers of light finger sponge. I like the mango mousse very much which was naturally sweet and refreshing! Hmm.. But I do not like the cake layer as it is too dry and \'hard\'. I did not expect the cake layer to be in this kind of texture. Would prefer that the cake layers to be softer and more spongy. That would be more perfect.
I went bakerzin after lunch one day with my friends to chill out. There was this promotion going on, having a one for one cheesecake with the discount vouchers downloaded at its website. I had the new york cheese cakes and a plate of baked wings. The wings were sweet, seemed like it was coated with honey. It is best when eaten hot and with the sauce provided. Their new york cheese cake comes with a pretty strawberry glaze, and berries instead of a normal plain slice that i was expecting. Taste of cream cheese was strong but not overwhelming. There are not a lot of people at the shop, making it a great place for hanging out with friends.
What is it? Warm Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream How is it? It was a little disappointing when the chocolate inside the core of the core did not oozed out as it supposed to be. The amount of chocolate was not much either, but nevertheless, the cake itself had a rich taste of chocolate (yes, that\'s the way!). I dun really like the orange slice underneath the cake but still, it gave an unique taste to the cake in overall which was acceptable. Anyway, I would still come again (maybe try different outlet = different pastry chef) for it!
Well, judging from its name and its outer appearance, one can almost instantly tell that it is a bakery/cafe. Indeed, most of its cakes and coffee are good. But one may not know is that they do serve main courses such as pasta and pizza, which is fantastic as well. I tried their spaghetti set before, carbonara and teriyaki chicken, which is about $19, comes along with side dishes such as soup/bread, salad, macaron, and a drink. Quite a filling set, so especially recommended for those who like to have a hearty meal. Another of my recommendation would be their pizzas. The choices are plenty, so feel free to try the different flavours. The reason I like it is because it is a very thin crust, that is crispy and you can feel the fragrance of the dough as you bite it. Recommended for true pizza lovers who is fed up with thick crust pizzas. =) For the price however, it is a bit steep though. That said, if you are there just to have a cup of coffee and a slice of cake in the afternoon, relax a bit and chat with your friends, it is a good choice. Right now, the Bakerzin in Vivocity is still having its tea time promotion of a slice of cake plus a drink for 8.90 only, so jump right in! (For the drink I would recommend you to choose from the variety of hot coffee.)
This is Oreo cheesecake from Bakerzin restaurant. I eat this when it is purchased 1 day after, that is why the oreo cookies had turned soft and not crunchy. For the cheesecake, it is still taste very nice. But I feel sick of it if I eat the second piece. I like the appearance and decoration of the cake.
Bought a strawberry shortcake from Bakerzin for my cousin\'s birthday since she loved strawberries. The cake is really pretty but the taste is a little disappointing. Not that bad but not up to our expectations. The layer of cream is really thick and will get sick of it easily.
I have always been a Cheesecake lover. I was excited when there was a promotion for New York Cheescake at Bakerzin. And, it happened to be a friend\'s birthday and she is a Cheesecake lover too so i went ahead to get this cheesecake for her birthday. The raspberry thingy on top of the cheesecake tasted a little too sweet and the base was a little too soggy. The cream cheese tasted just fine. My friend commented by saying i can make better Cheesecake than this one. I might be back to try other cakes but i would left this Cheesecake out.
It is a kids meal Fungi pasta from Bakerzin. I simply like this pasta, because it does not taste too salt or too cheesy. the portion is quite enough for my dinner. the creamy sauce for this pasta is nice too. the mushroom slices they serve is pretty enough too. I would recommend it to those who like to have a light but yet cheesy meal. perhaps Bakerzin can come out with the choice of pasta, so I would rather choose a wholemeal spaghetti for a healthier food choice.
Bakerzin\'s cake is one of my favourite in Singapore. Bought a strawberry shortcake (smallest size) for my family teabreak. Its a Japanese fresh cream sponge cake topped with fresh strawberries (think they have used strawberries from korea recently, it seems abit more sour this time than the previous one i had before.) Other than the strawberries were more sour this time. I still love this strawberry shortcake, i love the fresh cream (not too sweet) and the texture of the sponge cake (soft). I could actually finish the whole cake myself. hehe.
super refreshing and a great thirst quencher!!! for an iced tea lover like me, this is a twist from the normal peach iced tea. when it was served, we could clearly see the 3 different layers of the drink. there was the iced tea layer, another layer of soda and lastly a layer of peach syrup. upon mixing the layers together, the tea became a refreshing drink great for the hot weather in singapore! will recommend this to my friends when we visit bakerzin again!
A perfect combination of nuts, berries and banana that is suitable for any Icecream. My mummy and I chose rum, black sesame and traditional vanilla. Our taste buds were immediately activated as we dipped our spoons into this specialty dessert. This is one of the winning desserts from Yishun\'s BakerZin in their in-house competition. You\'ll love it!
This dessert is something different. It\'s my first time eating an ice-cream with a cheesy flavour, and yes, it does give me that cheesy feeling. This is highly recommended for full-time cheese lovers. There is a lingering cheese taste that not all may fall for.
As good as sex really. oh god this bountiful chocolate dessert is much to desire. the chocolate just lingers in the after tase but it\'s so addictive I could barely stop. In somewhat a good way, the price stopped me from ordering another. Mint leave places a very strong part in setting the vanilla ice cream into taste. Raspberries, strawberries and blueberries were all fresh and succulent. Presentation is tops! Impeccable.Period.Spending: Approximately SGD 12
i\'ve been to Bakerzin many times and the service here is often immaculate with attentive staff greeting diners with smiles. They are patient, polite and ready to offer diners suggestions when quizzed. I\'m not sure when they started having this promotion but there happened to be a free flow of artisan breads this evening where you can help yourself to a basket of pre sliced breads, pop it into a mobile oven they have, and help yourself to the balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Not the highlight of our meal but definitely a nice thing to have. My boyfriend and I were back tonight to have their pasta, perhaps it\'s because some of the dishes were concocted by the chef that helms the tampines branch, the pasta here was nicely done and toppings were more generous than the time we had the same dishes at the Jurong Point Mall. Overall, tasty pasta, with generous servings of bacon in the carbonara, and lots and lots of mushrooms in my al fungi pasta. Topped with nicely fried garlic . We also had the mushroom soup that come with chunks of bread as a topping. The soup tasted vaguely like it had spice in it. It was hot and goes down smoothly on the throat. However I\'m not sure what\'s in it that made it taste out of the ordinary. I had the soup twice and the taste was reminiscent of curry powder. Have a taste yourself to find out what I mean. I\'m also a huge fan of their Mochi . Available on the dessert menu/ dessert counter displays. I bought an entire box during Chinese New Year, and love to have it because the skin is thin yet chewy, it also wasn\'t overly sweeten.
Had their coffee, which came in a mug - which is great! That\'s a generous serving! we were sruprised! The service was great. Very attentive, accurate, polite, efficient, unintrusive. We were offered water in warm or cold (rare these days for such service). For once we felt happy paying the service charge in Singapore! Had the Teriyaki pizza which was great. VERY generous size, with VERY generous serving of meat, veges and sauce. The crust was hearty and delicious - none of those thin nonsense. Not too thick either. Perfect and crispy! The Cheeseburger had 2 slices of real cheese, a mushroom sauce and served with potato salad. The potato salad was wonderful and we didn\'t mind not having chips. The mushroom sauce was to die for! It was DIVINE! The meat patty were cooked perfectly and seasonsed perfectly. Very generous portion. 2nd best burger in Singapore (1st is Fat Boy\'s at Joo Chiat). Fantastic food - it\'s so fresh and well cooked! And great service! Great location - easy to find and comfy seats and good people watching area. Rather pricey - $17++ for pizza and $26++ for burger... coffee was standard price but came in a mug. Water was filled all the time. Highly recommended for quality of food and service!
Decided to head to bakerzin for dinner after hearing from my friend on their chicken wings that were really delicious, so i thought to give it a try. I had always associated bakerzin with their cakes and thus this is the first time i gave their main course a try. I can\'t remember the exact name of my pasta but it was pasta with mushrooms inside. It didn\'t taste particularly well because it was kinda of dry and i felt a bit sick after eating a few mouthful. When the chicken wings came, they smelt so good! Yes like what my friend had recommended, it was really very nice. We even felt like ordering for the second round! But of course if we did not get cakes from bakerzin den it would not be complete. it tasted very nice too. Love it !
This branch at Paragon is the perfect and popular place for people to enjoy teatime there. Last visit i had the strawberry coupe cheesecake ice-cream and it includes a macaron. Sweet afternoon delight... Oh, i love Bakerzin for its food & desserts. Recently got entered into a lucky draw because i spent above a certain amount, and even bought a tiramisu cake (YUMMY!) to hit that amount. And the prize was i became a member. And you see the picture of the dessert? It\'s free due to vouchers given to members Sweet deal~!Spending: Approximately SGD 10
Brought my daughter to eat at this branch. Ordered a mushroom soup for her which she and i loved. We tried the \'newer\' additions to the menu like the pork chop pasta and baked seafood pasta. Personally i find the tomato sauce of the pork chop pasta too sweet. But the meat was fine. I prefered the baked seafood pasta due to cheese on it, and its more savoury notes as compared to the former. Free bread and butter whenever you dine in. Bakerzin is my safe place to go for foods and desserts.
My all time favourite strawberry shortcake! Layers of cream and cakes with swirl of strawberry jam in between topped with fresh strawberry. Heavenly! I love the sour sweet taste. Sometimes the strawberry is a little too sour but mixed with a mouth full of spongy vanilla cake and cooling cream, viola! NICE! Worth a try..
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