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Many employers often wonder what their employees want, besides a raise of course. The answer might be surprising. A number of Fortune 500 companies have discovered that one of the most treasured perks they provide for their employees is something they might never expect - coffee! A break room well-stocked with a variety of coffees and other beverages is high on the list of perks that employees are looking for. More and more employers are finding that the very best way to give their employees something they will enjoy is by bringing coffee pods into the employee break room.

Coffee pods first made their appearance on the market about a decade ago. At the time, they were expensive and there were few varieties available. The critics were not kind about the coffee either, but all that has changed. Today, coffee machines that use coffee pods are among the most popular office coffee machines on the market, and with good reason. Why choose coffee pods for your office break room? Take a look at what some of the best makers of single serve coffee makers with coffee pods offer your office.

Consistently Good Coffee

Previously, many workers felt 'office coffee' was synonymous with mud. No matter how good the coffee you started with, it soon turned into oily black sludge. That was partly because the pot inevitably sat on the burner and scorched the coffee, and partly because the machine just didn't get cleaned often enough. With coffee pods, those issues are grievances of the past. Each pod is pre-measured with the precise amount of coffee, tea or cocoa to make one perfect cup at a time. Also, because you are only making one cup at a time, there's no coffee to turn to burnt sludge in the bottom of the pot. The coffee maker does not pick up all the oils from the brewing process either, meaning that you get fresh, clean coffee every time around.

Easy Cleanup

Coffee pods also mean no more messy drips and grounds on the counter of the break room. The coffee grounds are completely contained in the pod. When the coffee is done, you just eject the pod and throw it away. Your coffee room will stay clean, making it a more inviting place for your workers to brainstorm and work together.

Save Money

When the best coffee in town is right there in the break room, your employees are far less likely to wander off looking for a coffee shop. More time at the office and less time spent standing in line waiting for a cappuccino at the local shop is good news for you. Your employees will be happier and more productive. At the same time, they will be saving money on all those specialty coffees bought over the counter. Even if you decide to establish a coffee fund, they will be paying far less per cup for coffee pods at the office than they will for a paper takeaway cup from the local shop.

Everyone gets what they like!

One of the best things about replacing the office coffee pot with a single cup brewer and a coffee pod system is the selection of beverages available in coffee pods. With selections of coffee ranging from light breakfast blends to full-bodied espressos, everyone in your office can have the style and flavor of coffee that they like best. Coffee enthusiasts can find flavored coffees among varieties such as vanilla, hazelnut, mocha and even blueberry. Even better, most of the single serve coffee systems that use coffee pods are not confined to just making coffee. Depending on the supplier you choose, you may be able to also receive an assortment of flavored teas and gourmet hot chocolate drinks as well.

The Best Coffees Available

As single cup coffee makers have gained acceptance and popularity, the selection of coffees available in coffee pods for brewing has grown exponentially. The biggest reason for that is the number of nationally known fine coffee roasters who have jumped on the bandwagon to offer a variety of their coffees in pod form so that you can enjoy the same coffees that you love at the coffee shop. Among the coffee roasters who now offer their coffee in pods are Seattle's Best, Starbucks, Melitta and Baronet. Java One offers a wide variety of coffee blends, and Senseo, makers of the Senseo single serve coffee system offers their own line of a dozen different coffee varieties that range from a light, tart Brazilian that will please most American palates to their latest gourmet offering, a rich, sweet, dark coffee appropriately named Cafe Noir, with just a hint of chocolate in the finish.

Your office staff will appreciate the investment in a coffee pod brewing system. A coffee pod system can pay for itself in happier workers and increased productivity, and your staff just may vote you supervisor of the year.

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