Evolution Of The Coffee Recipe

Once upon a time, long after coffee was discovered, people used to have it mixed with hot water - plain and simple. There was no coffee recipe concept in existence. Out of the blue - and there are no records about the date - people discovered that while rotating and savoring coffee in their mouth, their taste buds could taste bitterness, acidic content, sweetness and saltiness depending upon how the taste buds sent out the taste signals. People felt that if these tastes were mixed with some other food or beverage, then the coffee taste might be enhanced. They started experimenting with coffee by adding milk, chocolate, and other flavors. This was the birth of the coffee recipe.

Evolution Of The Coffee Recipe

The earliest and best-known coffee recipe to mankind is coffee with milk. Maybe people got bored of drinking coffee with hot water or drinking plain milk, but one fine day they decided to mix coffee with milk and the recipe was a super-hit. The coffee recipe inventors literally tasted blood. Coffee marketers joined hands with them and there was no resting now. After milk came chocolate, after chocolate came flavorings, then syrups and then food and then liqueurs too. The coffee recipe brigade just kept marching on!

The Coffee Recipe In The 21st Century

As things stand now, a coffee recipe is used not just in making basic or designer coffees. A great coffee recipe can be a dessert or a sweet - For example, a basic coffee-based candy can be roasted coffee beans covered with chocolate. Coffee is added even to meats because it brings out the meat flavors with a subtle touch - but not a strong touch - of coffee flavor. So a coffee recipe can relate to basic and designer coffees, desserts as well as meat-foods.

Naming A Coffee Recipe

A coffee recipe concoction is usually called by a fancy name. The basic Cafe Latte is nothing but coffee with steamed milk (Latte is Italian for milk), a Cappuccino is one-third each of espresso, milk and foam! The Turkish Kahwa is nothing but black coffee brewed along with a few spices (cloves, cardamom, and sometimes even ginger), but people want to have a go at it because of its exotic name. Fancy coffees in cafes are often served with a dash of flavorings or syrups such as caramel, almond, hazelnut, vanilla, etc.

Well, we've had enough of coffee recipes. It's time for a break now. Coffee, anyone?

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