From Coffee Roasters to Low-Priced Grinders

If you want the freshest coffee possible, then you will need to start with unroasted beans which must be roasted and ground the same day you will brew.

However, roasting beans is somewhat of a specialty in the kitchen. You must be willing to invest in roasting equipment that is, generally, far from a low-priced kitchen accessory. Otherwise, the results will be disappointing. Not to mention that, even when roasted properly, the process can fill the home with odors that can take a long time to disappear.

Coffee beans will stay fresh for quite sometime after roasting. The carbon dioxide freshly roasted beans release helps keep oxygen at a distance to postpone spoilage. If stored in an airtight container, they will retain their flavor and aroma for about a week.

As would be expected, the sooner the beans are ground after roasting, the fresher they will be, but you can still get a superb grind and brew even after a few days have elapsed. The flavor may be acceptable after two weeks, even though the aroma will not be anything like it was immediately after roasting.

The key to a good cup of coffee made from purchased roasted beans is ensuring the skin is not broken. Otherwise, oils hidden under the skin and inside the bean will deteriorate unless kept frozen.

Always store beans in an airtight container. Although a glass jar often used for tea grounds may seem like a good idea, it is far from adequate as there is too much leakage at the lid allowing air to enter. But, a glass jar with a rubber seal is a good option. A great place to find the perfect containers is online. Just be sure to store the jar in a dark, cooler place since you also do not want heat or light to spoil the beans.

A better option for storing beans, albeit more expensive, are containers that flush air with an inert gas and then injecting the beans. This causes the beans to release carbon dioxide which provides a natural protection from spoiling. Beans stored in this manner can stay fresh for many weeks.

Grinding at home is the next best option to home roasting, and this goes for event hose with less than superior cooking abilities. Quality grinders are moderately priced and generally not difficult to use and clean.

Grinding breaks the bean skin which means that the same spoilage problem can occur if not ground within a few days. Any grounds not brewed and consumed within one day are probably best backed in a desiccating container. These canisters contain a drying agent that can prevent moisture and the resulting mold or extra oxygen. Otherwise, the grounds will lose a lot of flavor within the few hours. The oils will evaporate and, after being exposed to the air and moisture, the grounds will gradually deteriorate.

If you get anything from the tips above, remember that it is best to grind only those beans which you intend to brew and drink within the next hour or so. Not only will this provide the best tasting cup, but it will also save money from wasted beans and grounds.

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