Make the Best Espresso

A great espresso is not something that is just made. It is created. Many professionals have their own methods of making the best espresso. You can develop your own, but nothing is a substitute for knowing the basics of a good cup of espresso. By knowing the proper elements and some useful tips you can design your own process and ensure it will be a winning one that will have people racing to get a cup. Here are the elements of what makes a great espresso.

Good Water

A good espresso starts with good water. It should be of good quality, pure and filtered. It needs to be fresh and very hot. The best temperature is at around 203 degrees Fahrenheit. Using stale or old water can produce an off taste to the espresso. This is a factor that many people overlook. They believe that through heating the water will lose any odd flavor, but this is not true. Good water is a must to get a good cup of finished product.

Good Coffee

Next, you want good quality coffee. The espresso is strong, so you want a string coffee bean. It should be fresh as well. It should be finely ground and dark. Choose your beans wisely. Just as bad water can make its mark, bad coffee beans will ruin the whole cup. You want to choose a dark bean that is not too old. Fresh is key when it comes to a good taste. Check the look and smell of beans, too. Make sure you know how to spot a bad bean from a good bean, so you make the right choice.

Good Machine

The last element in a good espresso is a good machine. It should be of a good quality, functioning properly. It should be clean and be able to produce water that is hot enough. It needs to have a steady drip and use a heating process other than steam which can really water down the taste of the coffee. one cup coffee machines are also available.

These elements are all essential to making a good cup of espresso. The process, though, also plays an important role. Here is some great tips for how to make the best cup of espresso:

-Pre warm the machine. Run water through machine once and discard. -Pack grounds slightly when adding to machine. -Use a warmed cup.

If you start with good supplies and use a few tricks of the trade, you can create an espresso that will knock their socks off. For the serious enthusiast practice makes perfect. You can often do research into the methods of making good cups of coffee and get ideas from the professionals that you can use to create the perfect cup of espresso.

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