Organic Coffee - The Wise Choice

Far from being an alarmist, one can easily realize that we are ingesting small doses of harmful herbicides and pesticides with the food we eat and drink. Wouldn’t it make sense to eat and drink healthier? That is why the organic industry is now growing at 22% each year.

Drinking organic coffee is an easy way to make positive changes toward a healthy lifestyle. It is grown without the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides, and it actually costs the same or slightly more than ordinary coffee. When you think about how often you drink coffee, and the fact that those beans were sprayed with chemicals meant to kill bugs, doesn’t it scare you, just a little.

Organic coffee is within the reach of each of us. We can find it at most supermarkets and many online stores.

An excellent source offering a wide variety of organic coffee is the Organic Fair Trade Coffee Company found at

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