Healthy Meat Substitutes

When the pangs of hunger strike you, you will generally start looking for delicious food to start satisfying these hunger pangs. To satisfy this need you have a range of different foods that you can try. These will include fruits, fast foods, cereals, meats, vegetables and meat substitutes.

Before you start wondering what the term meat substitutes mean we shall try to explain this in a few simple words. Meat substitutes are vegetable and sometimes grains which are made to look and taste like various types of meats. The most commonly known meat substitutes are soy meat and tofu.

With these two vegetable products you will find that it is possible to have a nutritious meal that will provide you with the same food values as eating meat. Besides being able to choose from these vegetables you can see about mixing other vegetables and pulses together in order to form your own types of meat replacements.

The pulses that you can use will include lentils, chick peas, among others. You can also buy certain types of meat substitutes. One of these is called surimi. Surimi is a mixture of hashed fish and flavorings. This is then shaped into a form of meat. The usual purpose of this meat substitute is as a replacement for crab meat.

Currently when you look for information about different types of meat substitutes you will find that while tofu and soy based foods there are others. These will include rice, tempeh, mushrooms, textured vegetable protein – otherwise called TVP – and seitan to name but a few.

Having found all of this information you should understand for these meat substitutes to taste delicious you will need to add some spices and marinades. These should be mixed into these meatless meats in the same manner that you would marinade meats. After you have mixed the meat substitutes in the manner that you want you can cook it so that it looks and tastes like chicken, pork, beef, tuna, turkey or any other type of meat.

Before you decide to buy any of the available meat substitutes you may want to see what sort of healthy recipes you can find for these vegetable based meats. You should also look in various cookery books for a variety of different countries.

In these different recipes for meat substitutes you will find tofu burgers, lentil patties, chick peas – or garbanzo beans – burgers, tempeh crisps, beef seitan, crab cakes made from okra, mushroom steaks, vegetable oat burgers and many others.

As you see while eating meats can be wonderful there are plenty of foods in the vegetable range which you can eat. These healthy meat substitutes will allow you to enjoy the delightful flavor of meat without any of the resulting health problems.

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