A Unique Cuisine Culture in Australia

Australia has among the most diversed cultures in the world. The good thing is, Australia has kept its cultural diversity preserved, while people live together in harmony.

The same thing goes with their cuisine. Australian cuisine inherited its nature from British cooking. From pies, to grilled meat chops, slightly cooked veggies, and chips, Australian food has evolved progressively. It is now able to accommodate the dishes from the varied cultures in their land. Modern Australia is a term coined for it that includes the embrace of their multicultural culinary influences. Ever since the fusion of varied cultural dishes, the best restaurants in Australia have taken Mediterranean, and Asian cuisines to be part of their serving menu.

In the cities, you can find several eat-in and take-away Asian food shops that offer a multitude of Indian and Chinese dishes. This has resulted from the high count of Asian immigration to Australia, and of course the long existence of the Chinese community in Australia.

Still popular choices among Aussies are the American food chains such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, and McDonalds. Australian restaurants have also came up with their own versions of fast food eat shops like Chicken Treat, Eagle Boys pizza chain, and Red Rooster. The most common food that you can order in fast food stores is the Australian Hamburger. This has become an iconic food item in Australia as this offers a wide variety of hamburger fillings anyone can choose from. Obviously, the persistence of fast food chains remains to be a legacy of Australias British traditions.

As Aussies enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, it is no doubt that they indulge in good culinary offers during the week. There are several good places to dine in Australias varied food shops. The best restaurants in Sydney and the best restaurants in Melbourne are often listed in restaurant guides and directories to help you decide where to have a hearty meal. Whether you want it simple and common Australian food, or a different flavor of another cultures dish, the best restaurants in Australia are able to accommodate multicultural cravings. Visit Greats Eats at: http://www.greateats.com.au/restaurants/au/best_restaurants/city/New_South_Wales/sydney/

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