Good Breakfast

Why is eating a good breakfast so important? Let's find out. What did you have for breakfast? Nothing? Sweet roll and juice, donuts and coffee. Or bacon, eggs, toast with jam, juice, milk.

What you eat for breakfast determines how you feel most of the day. The body produces energy from the amount of sugar in your blood from breakfast. Eating only carbohydrates products (donuts, sweet rolls, juice) are nothing but sugar and is quickly used. If you eat some protein and fat along with it, it will be digested more slowly, keeping your energy high longer.

When your blood sugar is low, you feel hungry and weak. Lack of sugar affects the nerves and brain, thus your thinking becomes slow, confused, and you're grouchy, irritable, and moody.

If your blood sugar level is high, you feel good and function better. You have no desire to eat. Your sweet tooth is satisfied.

Protein, carbohydrates, and fats have to be combined to give you that high sugar level.

Milk, bacon, and eggs are good sources for your breakfast protein. Orange juice, bread, and jam are good carbohydrates. Butter, bacon, and eggs are also fat sources.

Too many carbohydrates (sugar) forces the body to produce too much insulin from the pancreas. This causes the liver and muscles to withdraw sugar and store it as starch or fat.

So too much sugar defeats the purpose for which it is intended-to produce energy. Fatigue then sets in.

Remember, children have the same requirements. They need a good breakfast to function best in school.

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