Chocolate Blooming and Why It Happens

Have you ever opened up a wrapped piece of chocolate that has a dull white-gray finish on it? You think that you have received an old piece of chocolate and feel like you have been short changed.

In reality you have just gotten a piece of chocolate that has "bloomed." The blooming of chocolate is probably the most common problem that can occur with this piece of candy. Fat bloom is the accumulation of large cocoa butter crystals on the chocolate surface. It is often accompanied by numerous small cracks that also give the chocolate a dull appearance. Sugar bloom is the crystallization of sugar that is often caused by high humidity and the formation of condensation (sweating) when a cold product is brought into a warm environment. Wiping the surface can generally remove fat bloom, but not the sugar bloom.

While poor tempering (the controlled cooling of melted chocolate) can cause bloom, it can also be caused by improper cooling, poor storage conditions, and exposure to high humidity.
Here are some of the most common situations which can cause the chocolate to bloom:

1)A chocolate product that is removed from cold storage, like a refrigerator or a freezer and then is exposed to high room temperatures. You should gradually expose the chocolate to moderate temperature change. This will prevent condensation, which is the primary cause of chocolate bloom.

2)You should not have your chocolate stored in an area that is exposed to erratic temperature changes. That is why we recommend storing chocolate in a climate controlled area 70 degrees or cooler. When the temperature exceeds 88-90 degrees the chocolate will start to melt and the likelihood for fat bloom is very probable.

At Choconet, we take a lot of care and pride in producing a superior product and packaging it so that you get both a good looking and delicious product. When the outside temperature is over 70 degrees we ship every order in an insulated cooler box with reusable ice packs. This insures that your product arrives in perfect condition. We also ship orders using an expedited method of 2 days service or less, since the cooler box and ice packs will only protect the chocolate for 48 hours or less.

Now you can get it all online!

Ordering Customized Chocolate plus well over 300 different categories can easily be ordered through our website. The process is sophisticated, but easy all at the same time:

1.Click on the category e.g. Corporate Chocolate
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4.Then customize the chocolate in a simple step by step process:
a.Add a logo (just upload an image) or your own text or both
b.Choose a foil wrap and the color
c.Choose a gift box if you’d like
d.Choose to hot stamp the wrap and / or the gift box if applicable
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f.Add it to your cart
g.Choose your preferred shipping method
h.Order using your Credit Card or Debit Card and you’re done!

Other customization options online include:
1.Text – font and style
2.Packaging – gift boxes, gift bag varieties
3.Candy colors
5.Custom Ribbons
6.Presentation Containers

Mike Adler, founder of Choconet … "We have the broad experience, a sophisticated and easy to use ordering process, a great product category, an ever-growing online presence and a great passion for what we do. We feel that this is a winning combination and look to the future with great optimism and enthusiasm."

Choconet has provided "all things chocolate" to corporate clients and to individuals for special social events and gift giving for over a decade. Corporate clients customize their chocolate for promotional and event planning including conventions, new product releases, new corporate identification programs, executive gift giving, or just to say thank you. Customized Chocolate is now as easy as going to the website or picking up the phone or faxing directly.

It all comes down to a tasty game of memory: the promotional tools help people associate your company with their latest greatest culinary experience.

If you have an idea or concept that is not shown on our comprehensive website, then please feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable chocolate consultants, who are anxiously waiting to help you make your next promotion a sweet success.

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