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Taken from the experience of someone who has spent countless hours searching in the past for sugar-free chocolates for the diabetic chocoholic(s) in their life. I remember hours of pouring over the numerous catalogs only to find only one or two chocolate items.

Then not too many years ago the age of inter-net shopping started. There was maybe a lot less paper but the problem was still remained. Simply because not many people at that time were interested in making sugar-free chocolate. But as more people are either finding out that they are diabetic or that they simply want to cut down on their carbohydrates, sugar-free chocolates has taken off.

So now the remaining questions are how much you want to spend, what kind of chocolate and from who do you want to order from.

One such place on line is Ultimate Chocolate Shoppe. There they have sugar-free dark chocolates, milk chocolates, white chocolates and specialty chocolates. Ultimate Chocolate Shoppe has been approved Feingold Program And meet the F.D.A. sugar-free requirement.

There are many companies on the inter-net that now cater to those who need to be or want to be sugar-free. However to claim that one is sugar-free must not raise blood glucose. And the way to do that is to use sweeteners like Maltitol. Their products are made from 70% all natural cocoa, they are sugar-free, low on trans fat therefore low on net carbohydrates, they are also gluten free, lactose free and peanut free. And to make it even more appealing their products are zero in cholesterol and high on antioxidants. So even those who are on a vegetarian diet will love these chocolates.

There are other place on line that have as a high standards as Ultimate Chocolate Shoppe in their sugar-free chocolates. For instance the developers at YC Chocolate have been developing a low carbohydrate, sugar-free dark chocolate bar with no artificial colorings, or flavorings, preservatives or sweeteners. YC Chocolate’s sugar-free chocolate has passed the natural foods criteria that they have set for what would be considered to be Natural and Clean. They have passed the F.D.A.’s requirements as well of not exceeding the 0.05% sugar from any source per any serving and is lactose-free.

This company are properly grown, harvested, and processed to create an unique and intense taste. Like Ultimate Chocolate Shoppe they use Maltitol which comes from corn, to sweeten the chocolate. Because Maltitol mostly doesn’t get digested it passes like fiber. This good for those who are in search of a low carbohydrate treat. Especially diabetic chocoholics because this chocolate don’t raise the blood sugar and because they use the minimal amount of Maltitol, the laxative effect reported is minimised as well.

These are just a few companies on the inter-net today that produce and sell many chocolate candies that will satisfy any chocoholics sweet tooth. Whether they are diabetic or just looking for ways to cut carbohydrates from their diet, know that there are places now that cater to those who are going sugar-free. Gone are the days of endlessly pouring over catalogs just to be disappointed at the selection.

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