Why Men Might Like Chocolate Fudge

Most men seem to have a diversion to everything chocolate. Women are the ones that have to have their chocolate at least once every month. Men; however seem to flock to the vanilla flavors. Chocolate fudge is a great confection but seems to be lost to the male generations in some part. Women might have made them believe that chocolate was only for them because they wanted to make sure the guys did not take all the fudge for themselves. This might be a little insulting to women because, as we all know, the girls just love to share their chocolate fudge with others who are willing to have a good chat.

The Early Years

In the early years of fudge creation, it was only a few cents per pound. Today, some of the best selling fudge goes for $50 dollars a pound. Americans, as well as other countries have adopted the love of chocolate fudge. This means women and men alike but more gals than guys. It seems that men prefer their fudge in their ice cream or with ice cream on top. The girls just go for it straight. Even when it was first created, it went from one woman’s college to another and completely missed the men’s dorms altogether. This, however, is also a myth but might explain the phenomena of why men do not like chocolate fudge and women do.

Creamy And Soft

Chocolate fudge is a creamy soft treat made to be rich enough to be eaten slowly but good enough to melt in your mouth. The origins of the chocolate fudge have never been substantiated as fact but it is assumed that was founded around the later part of the 19th century. No matter how it was created, it seems to be the general consensus that it was a complete mistake. It seems to have been another confectioner’s recipe gone wrong. How could something that was so wrong be so right?

Coming To Be

Which ever way chocolate fudge came to be in existence, it is not one of the most popular confectioners treats sold today. You can even purchase whatever types of chocolate fudge you want by simply going on the internet. It will arrive at your door in no time at all. It can be shipped easily and does not melt along the way. The pieces will need to be separated with some sort of parchment paper of wax paper to keep them from sticking to each other.

The Debate Continues

The debate between the sexes, as to whether men like chocolate fudge more than women, will continue through the ages. It seems this mystery will haunt us for a hundred more years and still never be solved. Personally, the fact that one might like the candy more than the other just proves that this delectable fudge treat is worth fighting over and definitely fighting for. Why not stop fighting and sit down to enjoy your favorite piece of chocolate fudge delights.

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