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The literal meaning and concept of pizza is this:
Pizzas are generally round, baked with desired toppings on it. It is one of the world's most famous dishes which are widely consumed. Generally pizzas are classified under the fast food category. The pizzas represent the rich European culture. Pizzas are one of the most ancient dishes in the world history and still have an every growing fame. Pizzas are one of the dishes which has an every gaining fame and popularity.

Pizza recipes
There are different types of pizzas available in the world today. It's almost impossible to list all the kind of recipe. The recipe for the commonly prepared is listed below:-

In the mixture of the warm water the yeast should be dissolved. Salt, sugar, flour should be added in the bowl. The yeast solution along with the olive oil should be added with it. With the help of the fork blend it. When the stiffness of the dough increases the remaining flour should be added to it with the help of the hand. Gather the mixture when it until it takes the shape of the ball. Let it rise in a draft free place until it is doubles.

After the dough is competing with the help of the blender of the food processor the pesto sauce must be prepared. Except the cheese all the ingredients must be combined. It should be processed properly and care should be taken that it does not create a puree. Set the side and stir in cheese. Sauté the onions and peppers in a olive oil which should be one table spoon and over a medium heat water in a large skillet. Unless the peppers are soft stir the mixture. Set it aside after draining it. Break the brown sausage as it cooks. The excess and the unwanted fat should be drained off. Before setting aside chop coarsely.

Upto 400 degree pre heat it. Over a 12-inch pizza pan spread the remaining olive oil. With the corn meal it should be sprinkled after adding the olive oil. After that the pizza should be punched down and then flattened lightly with the help of the rolling pin. After that turn the turn it and make it flattened with the help of the fingers. After that it should be placed in the pan and with the help of the finger tips it should be spread on to the edges. It should be baked properly care must be taken that it is not over baked or under baked. Generally it should be baked for 5 minutes.

After baking it, it should over the dough pesto sauce should be spread. Over the pesto goat cheese should crumbed evenly. After peppers, cheeses and sausages should be added. Until the crust id slightly browned and the cheese becomes bubbly bake it for around 10 minutes.

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