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About Us
Forbes Research Pte Ltd Since 1984, Forbes has been one of the most active full service research companies in the Asia Pacific, providing a comprehensive range of services covering more than 10 countries. We believe research makes a difference in decision making. Good research reduces the risk of management decisions and increases the chances of success. Timely feedback from the market often eliminates nasty surprises. It is our role to support our clients with critical information that will impact their decision on whether to launch new products or invest in new facilities, etc.
Products & Services
Marketing Research Services

Forbes provides the following market research services designed to gather crucial information about your customers, your competitors and the business environment under which your company operates:-

Marketing Research
  • Market Segmentation Studies, Marketing Strategy Evaluation and Formulation, Industry Sector Studies
  • Product Testing - Taste Test, Packaging Test, Pre Launch Baseline Study, Post Launch Evaluation
  • Pricing Research - Price Elasticity Studies, Price setting, Consumer Decision Analysis, Closeness of Substitution-Supply and Demand Analysis
  • Distribution Channel Evaluation - Effectiveness, Channel Conflicts, Penetration and Coverage. Channel Margins, "Push" vs "Pull" Strategy Evaluations.
Advertising and Media Research
  • Advertising Pre and Post Testing
  • Evaluation of Print Media
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Advertising Effectiveness Measurement
  • Brand Awareness, Image Positioning and Market Share
Corporate Research Services
  • Corporate Image and Consumer Satisfaction Benchmarking and Tracking Studies
  • Salary and Compensation Surveys

Through years of experience, we have gained specific knowledge in the following industries:
  • Computer
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance and Banking
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Government and Social Research
  • Health
  • Education
  • Natural Resource Mining and Quarrying
  • Industrial Raw Material and Equipment
  • Food Services and Franchises
  • Fast Food
  • Consumer Products - Luxury Goods
  • Consumer Products - Durable Goods
  • Consumer Products - Household Goods
  • Consumer Products - Personal Care

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