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HOUSE, Spa Esprit Group's first venture into the F&B arena, opened in 2007 as an ambitious 17,000 sq-feet venue that combines an indoor and outdoor caf', four multi-function rooms, and a bar. Nestled in the forest of Dempsey Hill, the former British military barracks has been refashioned into a whimsical dining space.


Barracks Cafe offers a vintage tea party which is available on every Thursday and Friday only.

The afternoon high tea buffet includes a pot of premium tea, baked beans, porch egg, porridge, baked salmon and more.

Operating hours:

3pm till 5:30pm daily @ $25++ (Thursday and Friday)
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30 May 2013 10:02:09
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VINTAGE TEA PARTY Barracks Cafe offers a vintage tea party which is available on every Thursday and Friday only. The afternoon high tea buffet includes a pot of premium tea, baked beans, porch egg, porridge, baked salmon and more. Operating hours: 3pm till 5:30pm daily @ $25++ (Thursday and Friday)
The 7-layer Pancake ($18) at Barracks Cafe is quite possibly the biggest pancake in Singapore. Definitely a must-try for pancake lovers.
Afternoon High Tea: Price: $25+
Soup is watery but flavourful with bits of mushroom Burger was a bit dry but the fries are wonderful chunky type, crisp on the outside, soft inside. Lamb was tender and the mint sauce is not overwhelming in fact it brings out the flavor. Wagyu beef is so tender and done just right. Its melt in the mouth type. The accompanying sweet potatoe fries are the same as those potato fries. Must try! The tuna salad was great as well. Although the tuna was a tad dry and abit too cooked. The english breakfast pizza was not as fantastic as we imagine it to be and the toppings are quite miserable. Some of us did not even manage to get either the eggs or the bacons on our slice of pizza.Spending: Approximately SGD 50(Dinner)
Set lunch special! One main or skinny pizza, One juice or mocktail and a dessert for just $28!
I\'m a sucker for alcoholic ice creams, so I just had to try the made-in-house Chocolate Whisky and Pineapple Malibu ice cream at Barracks. Unfortunately, the ice cream was icy in texture and were mediocre flavor-wise. The chocolate whiskey ice cream tasted rather unrefined reminded me of cheap chocolate-flavored ice cream. Pineapple malibu (a mix of malibu rum, coconut and pineapple) fared slightly better and was somewhat refreshing.Thankfully, the red latte (rooibos tea latte) ($6++) was light and soothing. A pleasant drink. One gripe that I had was that while I ordered a double scoop ($7.50), the two scoops of ice cream were served in separate cups and charged likewise at $4.20 a scoop. We were, however, bade warm goodbyes when we left the cafe.
I ordered TheirSummer Stack It was described as layers of mozzarella, proscuitto, pesto & tomatoes, so we expected some kind of carb-less lasagne. To our surprise , it was a full on sandwich, all that, & sandwiches between 2 slices of bread to boot. I must say though, that it was a really really good sandwich.but Pretty greasy from the pesto & olive oil, but incredibly tasty. Overall i rate 7/10
There are many reviews about how great the place looked and the ambience is lovely. And when I was there with my besties, I found them all to be true!! We were celebrating my hubs\' BDay with a nice brunch and we had: 1) Cod Fish & Chips - high class fish and chips! The fries were nice and the kiddos ate them by the plates!! They didn\'t eat much of the fish so the mothers had to finish them. It\'s quite nice really. 2) American Slider with Blue Cheese Bacon - birthday boy loved it. I had a bite and it\'s very savory and yummy. Value for money. 3) Spinach Egg Skinny Pizza - their skinny pizza is liken to eating pizza topping on a big parpadum. It cracks when you cut and eating it was quite a messy affair! 4) Mushroom Risotto - the flavours were intense with the mushroom alone but they also laced the rice with this duck sauce on the side. Didn\'t work out for me as I thought the taste of the mushroom and duck kinda clashed. Maybe it\'s just me. 5) Flourless Choc Cake - at the end of the meal, we were already very stuffed and didn\'t wanna order too much cake. So we all only got a slice and the staff very happily surprised my hubby by singing the \'Happy Birthday\' song really loudly!!! It was really sweet of them. I would return as the combination of great audience and good food is too good to forget.Spending: Approximately SGD 35
My girlfriend and I are on a dessert hunt again. This time we head to demsey for some delicious desserts. we went to barracks café and order the chocolate hazelnut gateaux. It was absolutely delicious. the chocolate was so rich, it was slightly bitter but it was not too sweet. the hazelnut taste was really strong, gives it an additional oomph! factor. My girlfriend and I agreed that this café serves the best gateaux around!
I came to barracks with my girlfriends on a Saturday afternoon for high tea. We thought they served high tea on weekends but unfortunately, they only serve it on Thursdays and Fridays. Nevertheless, they had a brunch menu (but served till 3.45pm) and desserts.We had a truffle mushroom pizza, strawberry shortcake, pumpkin salad. All tasted really well and their service was rather prompt. I recommend this place if you are looking for a chill and relaxing restaurant for brunch over the weekends. I ordered a pot of lavender kiss(black tea). It was very interesting as they would write the name of the tea on the pot itself. The tea was fragrant and it is definitely sufficient for one pax.Spending: Approximately SGD 35(Tea)
My friend treated me to a nice tea at barracks café at demsey. I ordered the bitter chocolate tart and hot tea. The tart taste really good, not sweet at all. I love the tart, it is so crispy. The chocolate cream is so rich and chocolaty…
i went to try out barracks cafe with a couple of friends for tea. i ordered their warm strawberry shortcake. it was lovely, they even have a vanilla bean cream to pour on top of the cake. taking the first bite, you can taste the fresh strawberry. the cake is really rich in flavour. i highly recommend this dessert!
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